Aug 14

The Lover In My Dreams

My writing group gave me a song lyric prompt and I wrote this story based on that. I ask you, does love resonate in our body forever?

I woke myself thrashing in the bedcovers. It was hot. When I opened my eyes, it was all black.

Where am I?

What’s that smell?

I felt anxious. My skin was clammy. I kicked off the sheet to get some air on my feet. A hand grasped mine and squeezed. I flinched, and the hand dropped away.

My heart rate picked up. As I focused on my chest, rising and falling, I drifted back into sleep, and the lake reappeared in my view.

“Ivy, come on.”

“Jasper, I’m not a mountain goat like you; slow down.”

I had prepared our spot earlier. I could see the moon peeping over the tree line. The fireflies danced across the sky like miniature, floating beacons. It was a humid summer night, but a light breeze stirred, and the scent from Mr. Harvey’s lavender fields drifted over us.

When we reached the landing, I wondered what Ivy would think.

“Jasper, you’re a romantic.”

“Do you like it?”

She knelt down on the quilt covered with thick cotton blankets and sighed.

“Chilled wine and food. What’s not to like.” Ivy held out her hand to me. When I touched her fingers, she laced hers into mine and pulled me down to her. Kneeling face to face, I saw the moonlight sparkling in her eyes.

“You’ve earned bonus points for thinking ahead.” She nuzzled my neck and planted the softest kiss there.

“What do these points get me?”

“A sexy surprise. Open the wine.”

Ivy plopped down in the middle of the space. I wanted to remember this view forever. Her long blonde hair across her shoulders dipped down to the swell of her breasts in her V-neck halter top. She stretched her long toned legs out in front of her and removed her sneakers. I could barely get the wine open for watching her. She was inviting.

“What’s in that other basket?”

I smiled to myself.


“Tell me. Is it my favorite? Did you pick up Mrs. Harvey’s lavender shortbreads?”

“You’ll see. Have a little patience.”

I finally got the cork out, poured two glasses and sat beside her.

“It’s a gorgeous night.”

“It is, Jasper. Fancy wine, too.”

“I wanted to celebrate.”


“Yes, I hope so.”

“Jasper, you got word, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I got the job.”

I knew that she would be disappointed because it was across the country.

“I’m so happy for you. It is what you wanted.” I heard to sadness in her voice. “Let’s toast to your new job.”

“Wait a minute. I can’t celebrate unless you are happy too. Let’s get you some dessert.”

“Dessert? With wine.”

“Don’t you want to see if it’s what you think it is?”

I reached over to the basket and pulled out the wrapped cookies and handed them to her.

“Wow, Mrs. Harvey is working some new packaging. Lovely ribbons.”

I held my breath. I watched Ivy untie the bow and look at me.

“Jasper there is a knot, and something’s attached to the ribbon.” The perfect gasp escaped her mouth. “No.”

“Ivy, I know you had plans for grad school, but I want you to go with me. I can’t imagine my life without you. Will you marry me?”

Her shoulders started to shake, and she nodded her head.

“Say something.”

Through a tearful laugh, she said, “I can go to grad school anywhere.”

I unknotted the ring from the ribbon and placed it on her finger. She wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“I guess you deserve a surprise.” She pushed me over on my back knocking our glasses over and kissed me. As Ivy’s body covered mine and our kiss consumed us, I absorbed the wine, lavender, and her taste, at that moment.

She clawed at my clothes and I at hers until they were off.

“Me first,” she said.

Her tongue made a path down my chest and then she tickled my happy trail on her way south. My erection jerked, and she giggled. “Who’s impatient now?”

“Me, evidently,” I said as she took me in her mouth and with her loving strokes brought me to the brink of an orgasm.

“Wait, Ivy, I want to see you. I want to be inside.”

She looked up, smiled, and straddled my lap. I lifted her up, and she positioned my cock at her opening and sat back down on me. She was warm and tight. We gazed into each other’s faces.

“Come on you ‘ole goat, let’s do this thing.”

“Sex or marriage?”

“All of it.”

We wrapped our arms around each other and both pumped up and down until our orgasms took us. Fish jumped, frogs croaked, lavender wafted, and the love of my life had said yes.

We snuggled pointing out stars and talked about our future life. We rolled over and leisurely loved one another. The cosmic glue of sex sealed our love for eternity. It was locked in a night I would always remember.

I awoke from my dream with a start.

An unfamiliar face hovered over me.

“You old goat, you woke up smiling.”

“Who are you? What are you doing in my bed?”

“It’s me, Ivy. I’m your wife.”

Tears welled up in my eyes.

“You are?”

She patted my hand.

“Nearly forty years now.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember.

“That’s okay. I’ll remember for both of us.”

“What’s that smell?”

“I bought some fresh lavender.”

“It’s nice.”

“Yes, it is, Jasper.”


  1. Ms. OP (@OleanderPlume)

    Dead. I’m dead. Beautiful and heartbreaking. xoxoxox

    1. Dr. J.

      My group won’t know what hit ’em. I wasn’t expecting the story to go this way. Thanks for the comments, O.

      1. Mischa Eliot

        I agree! They won’t know what hit them 😀

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