Aug 08

An Ode to Nipples

Naked, the cold air meets my nipples. The transition awakens my body. I love the texture when they are hard, erect, and attentive. You and I know they are the express elevator to my sex explosion.


Touch them and all desire moves south.

Taste them and heat radiates through me.

Lick them and moans erupt from me.

Suck them and my body rises to meet you.

Nip them and soul sex ensues.

Twist them and wrench me into orgasm.

Clip them or bind them. Make me mad.

It’s a movement meditation; a film that replays in my head.

With expert fingers, I execute my pleasure concentrating on the feel of my flesh as the wetness pours from my center. Slick and warm on me, I bring my fingers to my nose and sniff my essence. My tongue darts out confirming the tangy taste of my arousal. Lost in my clit flick, I miss that you entered the room. As I attempt another hefty nipple tug, you slap my hand away and replace it with your hot mouth and teeth.

My mental tape is on replay and combines with my real world experience of you. My hand in my wet folds maneuvers to your tongue’s touch and your teeth scrapes. Yes, pull the orgasm from me. My swollen clit hides, but I work around it as your hair tickles my skin.

When you move to my other nipple, icy air smacks it and my wet skin shivers. My areolas pebble and my peak stiffen. Your thumbs and forefingers stroke and pull each one. I match your movement with my hand between my legs. You slow your touches.

“No, please, no. Make it fast. ”

You pinch hard and twist each nipple. While holding them in that grip, you introduce a pulse, a rhythm for me to follow. I add firmer circling pressure to my clit and slide two fingers inside me, imitating the pulse you created.

Instantly the express elevator arrives, and the doors fling open to my sex detonation.  I hang suspended by your fingers which draw out the orgasm, longer, harder, and stronger. My urgency is intense, and the sensation moves through me like a flood rushing to find open space. You are my anchor to this world, a tether keeping me from an outer body exit, so I can come back and do this with you, again.

As my eyes open to your sweet face and smile, your words make me soar before I can come off this high.

“The clips are next, my dear. And then there’s champagne.”


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