Monthly Archive: June 2016

Jun 29

Service House Training

Author Note: This is a continuation of How May I Be of Service? Thank you Melina Greenport for suggesting I make more installments to the initial story.  I left the service house clutching a piece of paper in my hand. It contained the address and time for tomorrow evening. There were no specific instructions other than his …

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Jun 27

Audition Prep

“What’s your audition?” Olivia, the chesty blonde, laid a magazine on the table in front of her. Her lovely cleavage was in direct line of sight of Kylie who crossed her legs to rub her clit. “I’m trying out to be an extra in a soap commercial, you?” “I think it’s a porn audition but …

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Jun 20

How may I be of Service?

Once my finger pressed the button, there was no looking back. The instructions left no room for error.  I could only speak one phrase, “How May I Be of Service?” This was a training event with rules clearly defined in both directions. I hoped to learn much. After the trainees undressed, a ribbon was tied …

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Jun 15

Pen me a Fantasy

Life inspires stories. As a therapist, I love to consider group connections and why people are together and why paths cross. However, today in writer mode, life information gets used in a different way, it becomes sparks that transform into a story.  This weekend I met a dynamic group of eleven women dining at a …

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Jun 13

Life’s Canvas

She walked in wearing a black cocktail dress, sleek and modern, the ensemble of an artist. I had served enough at these events to know who was who. Dressed in a crisp, white blouse and my black, short skirt, I wore the costume of a worker. All night long, I watched her interact with the …

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Jun 09


Ellen had left the new nipple clips in the bowl on the kitchen bar. These looked more like jewelry with fancy metal balls hanging off the end, definitely not her clothespins. Roger would see them because they always drank beer standing there after golf. Her fantasy was in his hands now and she wondered what …

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Jun 06

Radiant and Self-Assured

“We don’t have enough time.” I walked across the marble floor admiring the hotel bathroom. The drips from my wet hair tickled my skin. I placed my towel on the edge of the tub. “Everyone is waiting for us in the ballroom.” “Let them wait. This is our time,” said Richard. He stepped behind me, …

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Jun 01

A Created Opportunity

I inhaled his scent from my spot. Space was thick with people lining the subway car, sticky and stuffy, but I recognized his aroma. This was my favorite part of the day, the moment that I spent in his orbit, a mere tiny planet of me circling my sun. He read the news on his …

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