Monthly Archive: April 2016

Apr 27

Simon’s Surprise

Julia remained rail high on the condo balcony, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, naked and bent over. She pursed her dry lips and then licked them. Her tongue savored the taste of salt spray on her skin. Simon had given her directions, and she was determined to get them right. Once considered off limits in their …

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Apr 22


No one knew how they named the bar, it was their secret. Sam finished making drinks and Landon and Nate perched at the polished bar ready to taste his latest concoction. The hundred year old cigar scent permeated through the wooden walls and lingered. Combined with the jazz notes and the aroma of alcohol, it …

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Apr 19

From Sex Therapist to Erotic Writer: How & Why

Throughout my career, people have asked how I became the sexuality educator and sex therapist, Dr. J. Most people who asked the HOW question, presented it in a naturally curious context, especially if they knew I grew up “in the deep south.” While the how question has dogged me throughout my career, my plan to …

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Apr 18

Geared Up

Jeb rolled over, reached behind me and palmed my naked ass as he scooted back into the s-shape of my body. He woke me and in my sleepy haze, I could feel his fingers move slightly. I couldn’t decide if it was an overture. In my sleep grogginess, his sexual play with George entered my …

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Apr 11

Make it Good

“Kneel and worship.” “Yes, ma’am.” “You will follow my directions, precisely.” “Yes, ma’am.” I couldn’t believe I won Zack in the celebrity fundraiser auction or that he would star in my sexual fantasy.  Seeing is believing. This beautiful man knelt before me. Naked, all buff, and sporting an erection for the ages, all for me. …

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Apr 06

Women Seeking Their Sexual Edge

My favorite hotel, Isosceles, is renowned for its mission statement, “We Connect You.” I wished they could work their magic with my secret; I was losing the ability to connect. I sat at the mirror table in the lobby restroom, observing finely dressed younger women bustling in, chattering openly, about their sexual exploits. I smiled …

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Apr 04

Man to Man, The Invitation

I heard Jack moan, the arousing kind. Through the crack in the bedroom door, I peered in. He was alone in his sexual enjoyment. It was private but the voyeur inside me forced my stillness.  My palms sweated and my heart rate increased. It wasn’t the first time I had snuck a peek. The intensity …

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