Jan 23

You’ve Been Moved

“Wait, you’re about to drop it on my toes.”

“I am not. You’re a wimp.”

“This mattress is heavy, Luke,” I said as it slipped from my left hand, and crashed into the bedframe. Luke righted my end of the mattress and somehow got it on the platform. We fell on the bed.

“I remember the last time we moved our place.”

“Me too, Alice. It was fun. What a pack of crazies who helped.”

“It’s a wonder nothing broke.”

I laid flat on the mattress listening to the clatter from the other rooms. Voices boomed, dishes rattled, boxes scraped. “Beer break,” someone yelled. I was drawn back to another time. I remembered the anticipation, the heat, and one hard cock.

“Go lock the door.”


“You heard me, the door.”

“Woman, what has gotten into you?” Luke rolled off the bed, shuffled to the door and secured it.

I took my shirt off. When Luke turned around, he smiled. His gaze could heat up water.

“Is that an invitation?”

“No. It’s a certainty.”

“Everyone will hear.”

“Does it matter? They think you are a horny dog anyway.”

“That title belongs to you, my dear.”

“Ha. Now come over here. Show me what you got.” He unfastened his belt, pushed his jeans down, and stepped out of them. His cock beauty always took my breath away. I was the horny one, and I wanted him.

“It’s hot in here; let me get the window open.” An outdoor breeze, carrying the scent of a Meyer Lemon tree, rolled in over my skin.

“Hurry up; I like a man who doesn’t keep me waiting.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming.”

“That’s what she said.” He laughed and shook his head. “Baby, I love you all hot and bothered, and wanting my kind of hard.”

Someone banged on the door. “Beers are out here, come on, you two.”

“Be there shortly,” I yelled. “You do like to up the ante.”

“Yeah, you know I do. So what do you want, Alice?”

“Fuck me quick and hard.”

I slipped my shorts off, and I drew my flat feet on the mattress. Luke’s weight centered on me, as he settled in between my thighs. He captured a breast in each hand and squeezed. Yes. His hardness between my legs amped me up. It reminded me of the first time we got it on with others around.

“Your body is ready, baby. Your nipples, hmmm. I know you are aching for it.”

“Yes, come on.”

“Tell me what I want to hear first.” He massaged my breasts, pinched my nipples.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Do you want it?” He winked at me. This man knew how to pull it out of me.

“Luke has a magical cock.” His nostrils flared. “Luke’s cock is my king.” He kissed my stomach and drew circles on my skin with his tongue.

“Oh, baby, say it.” He rocked his erection into my wet vulva. I slid my hand between our bodies and rubbed my clit. We knew each other so well. Would they all know I was in a pleasure daze?

“Your cock is my master.”

He gripped my hips, each finger nailed into me. Whistling floated in the window.They are nearby.

“Please, give me your monster cock.” He loved it when I pleaded. The mattress groaned as Luke rammed inside me. I gasped as he captured my lips and I wrapped my legs around his back. The frame rocked against the wall like the bass drum line. The close voices could hear us. They would hear how much I loved it. The rhythm and that thought carried me over the edge. I was shaking when our mouths broke apart, and Luke grunted through his orgasm.

“Damn, Luke. I’m usually the one extra excited.”

He laughed. “Not today.”

He reached over my head to the window sill.

“Thinking about what I was getting made me go at it hard.”

“You knew what you were getting.”

“I know, but I captured it.”

He smirked at me and held up his phone.  “Now I can get it anytime I want.”

“You’re a sneaky rascal. How could you have known this would happen?”

“Baby, you loved it during our first move, I knew you would remember. I can read you like a book. You love an audience.”

“Talk about upping the ante.”

“Pretty good, huh?”

He pressed a button and my words reverberated in the room. “Your cock is my master.”

Author’s Note: I love it when the inspiration for a story comes from friends. You know who you are and what you did! LOL

Writing for Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday. Click on over to each site and read the other sexy writings!

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