Mar 14

Working the Gap

Evelyn looked across the control room and spotted Dean. “I need a hand,” she yelled. She hiked up her leopard print skirt to headline the tops of her black thigh-highs. The gap of skin between the stockings and dress breathed. It was like a reverse blindfold. Her body remained covered except this one strip of skin. Her vulva peered out as if watching from under a raised window shade. Power surged through her body and heat settled between her legs. She had felt it in their scene, but she wanted more. Would he give it to her?

“You do? What do you need?” Dean walked around the desk. “ooOhhh that kind of hand.”

“I thought you’d like the view.”

Dean’s head bobbed from her body to the monitor. “Which one?”

“The one in front of us.”

Dean peered into the television monitor, watching their scene replay and then he looked at Evelyn’s thighs.

“What do you like about them?” Evelyn nodded to the screen and shifted her hands moving the dress up a little further.

“They are starting to get to know each other, but she wants him to own her.”

Dean’s bluntness surprised her and Evelyn surveyed his face. “How can you tell?”

“It’s in her dress movement. She uses it like a bullfighter uses a cape. It sends directions. Then, she arches her back and strikes a pose.”

Evelyn stepped in front of Dean without blocking his screen view. She scooted back into him, sashaying her butt across his goods and then struck the pose. “What if it just feels right to know his cock is behind her? What if she hopes it is rock solid?” She baited him eager for what he would do.

“Oh, his erection will be steel because he knows she’s seducing him. He enjoys watching her sex maneuvers which are all focused on being caught.” Confirming his words, Evelyn pushed back into what could have been a metal pole between Dean’s legs.

“What do you think she likes?”

“Look at the screen. His palm is anchored against her pelvis with his fingers dipping inside her. He holds her firmly in place. She knows it’s only the first course of getting what she wants, and her mind wonders.”

Evelyn continued to watch the film. The contrast of their clothes, dark to light, showcased the gap of skin. Dean was accurate and his words describing the scene fueled her fire. “So trapped is a good thing?”

“For her, yeah. She is consumed. Fire runs through her.” Dean moved his hand down Evelyn’s right hip and to the edge of the stockings, and his fingertips hovered there radiating five points of heat. Her breathing accelerated.

“For her or you, Dean?”

“Both,” he whispered. “Look at the monitor; she even guides his working hand, caressing and directing him there. It’s nuanced, but I see it.”

“Right, it takes one to know one.”

“Of course it does. If I have a sexy, direct woman who steers me to capture her, I will, in many ways.”

“So, she is sexy and direct?”

“Her mind is her asset. She sets up what she wants and how she wants it. She craves a man who meets her desires and takes her past them with all the life-affirming, hard edges. That makes her sexy.”

Evelyn glanced around the studio. “Hmmm. She is used to a lot of people being around. Does she like everyone watching, as he takes her there?”

“The idea of their watching charges her up. She pretends everyone envies his fingers going in and out of her slickness. They want to kneel and worship her, smell her, and taste her. They live to see and hear her wetness as his fingers go in and out.” Dean shifted his hand and walked his fingers in patterns around Evelyn’s thigh to the inside. He anticipated her response. Evelyn’s legs trembled.

“The watchers know there is no chance for them if he’s in the mix.”

“Yes.” Her pelvis ached for him. This man read her accurately.

“So what’s your pleasure here, naughty girl?”

“After that commentary, your fingers and everything that comes after them.

Dean’s hand closed the gap. He slid his fingers through her labia and inside her slot and stroked. She gripped his hand, directing him just like she wanted.

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