Oct 26

Who’s Teaching

Installment #7 of a Service House Story. Click here to read from the beginning.

Julianna tied Lowell’s arms to the bed in the instruction room.

“Master Orlando will be unhappy with you for switching places with me, sir.”

“Yep, and I don’t care.” Her face remained perplexed, as she affixed my bindings.

“Julianna, when he’s in teaching mode, he teaches. That’s the code.”

“It’s Periwinkle’s turn with him, isn’t it?”

I pulled on the bindings checking their range of movement. “Yes.”

I hadn’t seen Periwinkle since the night on the hard wooden table when she wrapped her beautiful mouth around my cock.

“You need to be careful, master. I recognize that look you are sporting.”

I understood what Julianna meant. We had both been interested in her, and she picked Orlando over me. That was a long time ago. This connection was different.

“Do you want the blindfold?”

“No. I want to see them.”

“Yes, sir, Master Lowell. I’ll let Master Orlando know you are ready.”

For Orlando, teaching pre-empted everything else. He was such a head case about instruction, and I used that to my advantage. Tonight’s scheduled lesson: How to pleasure two on one. Orlando taught stellar double-timing techniques. I should remember, we created the process together. He would pleasure my cock while he showed Periwinkle how to and while he did, that should humiliate him. I, unlike the others, knew how to tap into that part of him which was still quite active and alive. We discerned everything about each other’s sexual proclivities because we trained together when Service House opened.

The metal door handle jiggled and snapped me back to the moment. My cock responded to Periwinkle entering the room. I inhaled her light, magnolia scent and it aroused me fully.

“What are you doing here, Master Lowell? Where is Julianna?”

“Slight change of plan. We had to shuffle around because a trainee left ill. I moved her elsewhere.”

The heat rolled off Orlando, as he attempted to suppress his pissed off feelings, but I was more interested in Periwinkle, who concentrated her focus on my erection. A range of emotions raced across her face, and I guessed she was replaying our last time together—strapped to the table. She had received intense pleasure between her legs, as she sucked the life out of me.

Orlando dismissed this current exchange and moved into training. “Periwinkle, there is much to learn about engaging all the senses to the cock orgasm.”

“Yes, master.”

“Double timing is a wonderful way to share and accentuate pleasure for the recipient. We can take them to the edge of ecstasy, back off, or provide non-stop stimulation. We can choose to engage the subject or not.”

“Yes, sir. What is our focus today?”

“Today, we are going to concentrate on the enjoyment that the givers create together.”

What? No. That isn’t today’s lesson.

And with that statement, Orlando smirked at me and commenced his class. Break education protocol was against the house rule. I was the designated subject, and now I was at his mercy.

Orlando savored demonstrating hands-on techniques. I could barely concentrate on the incredible sensations going through my body, as I seethed inside for his topping me.

Damn, him. His fingers stroked under my balls and down my ass, he slid his mouth further up my cock, so did Periwinkle. She was a natural. The suction on my cock from each of them pulled all the arousal from me. Did she recognize how magical her touch was? I wanted her. I realized too late what Orlando had done.

They each alternated between long, licking strokes and going down on me, and then they licked me at the same time. When each of their mouths hit the perfect balance on my tip, they rolled their tongues around. That unhinged me. I don’t know why, but it always had, and Orlando knew it. I was coming. He nailed me with his eyes just as their tongues danced on my tip and then onto their lips that pressed together. I could hear him thinking, “Take that, Lowell.”

Kissing passionately, they released my cock to spurt into the air. The physical sensation ripped through me wasted as the emotional dissatisfaction left me aching, again.

“Thank you, Periwinkle. We will debrief at the end of the night. This session is over, go prepare for your next one.”

“Yes, sir.” She didn’t look at me until she reached the door when she was out of sight of Orlando’s perusal. Her look haunted me, sad and contrite. She didn’t understand, but I can help her to see. With her gentle touch, the door closed.

“Lowell. What the fuck? You were out of line here. Watch yourself. I say what goes. You don’t.”

“Orlando, you and I understand that free will is still part of this process. If she wants me, she can have me. Now untie me so I can get to my next session.” He unfastened my restraints with a dismissive attitude and then headed to the door.

I waited until his hand was on the doorknob.

“I’m doing anal training today, with Periwinkle.”

His fists clenched at his sides, as his spine straightened. I enjoyed that the tips of his ears reddened as he exited the room fuming.

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