Jul 25

What Are You Watching?

Marley held her breath as she connected the Skype call. The temperature in the room seemed to rise or was that just her? If someone saw her, would they believe she was watching gay men get each other off? She banished her wimpy self from the room; she was doing this.

“Hey Marley, can you see us okay?” Two heads huddled around the screen.

“Yeah, I can.”

“You ready for some fun?

Am I?

Every time Marley went out with Jacob and Fredrick, and they made out, she got hot. She didn’t understand it, but she loved watching men love men. No way around it. It ignited her fire. She enjoyed the touches and the sheer sexual excitement that emanated from them.

One day she leaned closer to smell the sexiness and observed them, she had to do something about it. That night, poised at her computer, she headed to Google to locate a website where she could see men making out and having sex. She looked but did not partake.

Even though she was uncomfortable and a little ashamed about her curiosity, she decided to tell her friends the next day what she had done and why. They didn’t laugh at her because they had always pushed the sexual and relationship boundaries when she hadn’t. They knew her well, and she was okay being embarrassed in front of them. Prude was the word that came to mind.

Remembering their conversation, she blushed.

“Don’t waste your money?” said Jacob.

“We’d do that for you, for free, Marley,” said Fredrick.

“We can provide it live online or in person,” said Jacob.

“Are you serious?”

Her yes answer was how this Skype event occurred.

“Now, Marley, feel free to participate.”


“The feed goes both ways you know.”

Right, they can see and hear me.

“It’s hot to think someone is watching us—or maybe even telling us what to do,” said Jacob.

“You might enjoy us seeing you get off on what we are doing,” said Frederick.

“It might make you feel sexy,” said Jacob.

She never considered that joining them could position her so they could see her masturbate. As if reading her mind, Fredrick jumped in.

“Marley, don’t you dare back out.”

“We love you, and we want to do this for you, for us,” said Jacob.

“Do whatever moves you, sweetie,” said Fredrick. He turned to Jacob and ran his nose down his cheek. “I know I intend to.”

And with that, the make-out session pulled her in. Marley situated herself on the bed, laying back, so she had ample space and positioned the laptop for a great view.

The guys rolled around on the bed kissing and touching and then discarded articles of clothing fell to the floor. When Fredrick slid Jacob’s pants down, and she saw his tented shorts, she swallowed hard, and a strangled sound left her mouth. Both men turned toward the screen.

“I feel you, Marley. Jacob’s cock does that to me. Want a close up?” He moved the computer closer to the bed and eased down Jacob’s underwear. Marley moved closer to her screen as she watched Frederick lick his cock. Her mouth watered and deep inside her pelvis ached. He turned to the side so Marley had a better view and he opened his mouth, sucked on Jacob’s balls and then slid his mouth near the head of his penis. Marley was mesmerized. She caught Fredrick’s pause, and he made eye contact with her. She couldn’t believe the words that blurted out.

“Yes, suck it, suck it hard, Fred.”

He smiled and went down on Jacob. The groan from Jacob spurred Marley on. She shucked off her shorts and panties and let her fingers discover how wet she was. She liked that Fredrick moved the computer closer. The slickness on Jacob’s cock came in second to the amount between her fingers. She couldn’t decide what she liked best, Fredrick’s sucking action or Jacob’s moans, both turned her on as she stroked herself. Her scent replaced theirs.

“Fred, I’m coming.” Jacob’s body began to jerk, and Fredrick continued working his motions. Marley’s hand matched the rhythm of Fredrick’s head bobbing.

“Fuck, so good Fred.”

Jacob threaded his fingers in Fredrick’s hair as the motion slowed down. It was a tender touch, a heart touch that caused furious strokes to her clit. Marley worked her middle finger up and down her vulva lips. Her panting increased, and she thought she heard words cheering her on as she shoved her finger inside and her orgasm detonated. With her eyes squeezed shut, the pleasure swept across her body. Her heart pounded, and her legs went rigid as the waves of contractions worked through her and then subsided. As she stilled and opened her eyes, she gazed at the ceiling and contemplated how outstanding that was. She smirked to herself. I did it. I guess I’m not a prude anymore.

“Well, you look satisfied.”

Marley propped herself on her elbows and looked at the computer. Jacob and Fredrick smiled back at her.

“I take it you got what you wanted,” said Jacob.

Marley giggled. “Yeah, just like you did.”

“You know, Fred hasn’t had his turn yet. You ready for another go?”

Am I? Hell yeah.


“Your choice then.”

“What’s the choice?”

“Your choice is the view of our bed on the computer screen or the up close personal experience of being in our bed with us. We are only a door away.”

Expectant faces awaited her answer.

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