Oct 18

Two Years Down the Writing Road

Two years ago, I attended my first Florida Writers Conference, 2015. I arrived with only an idea of what fiction writing was all about, and I learned so much. This week is the annual Florida Writers Conference 2017, and I’m excited to go. Since I’m a little further down the writing road, it will take on a different feel.




I will be staying with two women from my Pen Ten Group, Editor, Heather Whitaker and Author, Laura Lascarso. Heather and I met six months before I went to that 2015 FWA conference. I have attended several of Heather’s workshops, formal and the most fun, informal. She has created a new working writers group. There are ten of us, thus Pen Ten. Everyone lives near each other except me. I SKYPE in. Laura is in the group, too. Laura has been a guest on my blog, yet we’ve not met except for waving at each other on SKYPE. This conference will be our real-life meet.

Driving up from South Florida will be my Wicked Pens Colleague, Pandora Spocks. This meeting will be my second get together with Pandora. She is an excellent storyteller. Check out her work.

As Wicked Pens, we have partnered with Kink Crate to share your products. Networking for erotica at this conference will be on the down low. Most folks won’t know that I get to spend time with Kink Crate folks there. I hope to be able to introduce Pandora to their team.









Pandora came to see me that day in July when I drove to Orlando to meet The Radish Fiction CEO, Seung-yoon Lee (SY) and Editor, Katherine Pelz. That seems like a lifetime ago. Meeting the people who represent so many components of the writing and publishing is a highlight to the process of being a writer.

Check me out on Radish Fiction. I have two stories available in the new Late-Night section.

And my liveliness for all this writing growth ties directly to Mischa Eliot and Oleander Plume. We had our first three-way SKYPE this week. Our energy was high. We kept blowing up the technology. It took nearly 30 minutes to get is simmered down, but after that, our conversation inspired. The next morning, I awoke with an ending of one story and the beginning of another. Yey, team. Check us out on Twitter. We rock there, too.













So now, I am packing up my stuff, and heading to the FWA Conference. Steve Berry and David Morrill are headlining. I look forward to meeting new folks and catching up with old friends.

Look out. I’m on the loose. Creative muses find me!

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