Nov 07

Truth in Daring

It had been a long work week, and with Friday here, I was ready to unwind. When I walked in my bedroom, I discovered two, lovely women lying in my bed. They each had a hand in the other’s panties and were moaning. Their tangled limbs shaped the letter X. My wife and her friend Gia embodied my most desired fantasy.

“What took you so long, Stan?”

“Tate, what is going on?”

“We were playing truth or dare. I picked dare.”

“What was the dare?”

“Gia dared me to make out with her when you got home from work?”

My body roared to readiness. I was so hard; I could pound nails. It was what I asked Tate to do.

“Do you want to play?”

“Of course.”

“Do you choose truth or dare?” asked Gia.

How many ways could this go? They continued teasing me with the motion of lapping tongues tasting and fingers rolling in panties. The aroma in the air was so thick with their sex scent I could taste it, a blend of tang and musk.

“I choose truth.”

“Would you like to watch us explore each other?”

“Hell, yes.”

Both women rolled to the center of the bed on their bellies and gazed at me.

“Oh, babe, we got you hard.”

“That’s what I wanted to see. Move closer to the bed,” said Gia. I stepped forward. “Unzip your pants and get that cock out.”

“Tate, I need to know that you are inviting me.”

“I am. You heard Gia, get that cock out.”

Both women slid to their knees, moving like dancing sirens. Their bodies’ curves and angles were luscious. I dropped my pants to the floor.

“You told me he was large, but I had to see with my own eyes. Stroke it,” said Gia.

“Give me more incentive.”

As the two of them unhooked their bras and kissed, I grabbed my cock. They pinched nipples and groaned. I leisurely fisted my erection stroking to match their sounds.

“Take your panties off, too. I want to see between those lovely legs.” They shimmied out of the panties. Gia was bare in contrast to the hair patch Tate had on her mound. “Please continue exploring.”

The passion and curiosity shared between the two women surprised me. It contained connection and honesty.  My tongue and lips craved to trace all the places their fingers moved on each other. Their tender touches and lusty sounds reminded me that women move in ways men don’t, by nature. There was a poetic quality that they shared with me.

“Tate, do to Gia, what I want to do to you.”

Tate never hesitated. She demonstrated her love for me in this romantic gesture. “Gia, roll over and face Stan.” Tate kissed her thighs and ran her fingers lightly up Gia’s stomach and cupped both breasts, squeezing. An exquisite moan erupted from Gia.

“Pay close attention, Stan.”

“Yeah, baby.”

She trailed kisses down Gia’s backbone, and when she reached her tailbone, she pushed Gia’s shoulders down to the bed. Her ass hovered at Tate’s face. Massaging each cheek, she continued to sprinkle kisses over her ass. Would she do it?

“Gia, I think Stan is enjoying this. Spread your legs a little wider. I need access to…everything.”

With her legs separated, Tate dipped her lips low and licked Gia’s wet folds. Tate’s faced glowed with moisture. I imagined sucking Tate’s lips and clit like she was doing to Gia.

“Stan, Gia tastes divine. Her skin is soft and warm. I wonder what else might make her crazy hot.”  I was close to coming. But I had to know, would she do it? Would she tongue Gia’s asshole and kiss her there?

As if Tate was mind reading, she placed her hands on Gia’s butt and tongued her from her pussy up into her ass. She buried her face there making the most delicious sounds I ever heard while Gia screamed in delight.

“Gia, you feel good. I’m going to pull your cheeks apart and stick my tongue in—”

“Stan, wake up. I don’t want to be late to the party.” Groggy, I rolled over to see Tate dressed for a night out. “Wow, I was out of it.”

“Yeah, you were. Now get rolling. We leave in fifteen minutes. Gia wants to have drinks first.”

“Gia’s here?”

“Well, yes, silly. We invited Gia to ride with us. What is with you?”

What was with me? I awoke from the hottest dream in the world, and the three of us were heading out. How would I contain myself?

Tate lingered at the door. “Hey, babe, I know it’s been a long week. Are you up for some extra fun tonight?”

“Sure, what did you have in mind?”

“Since I met your dare, I dare you to go commando.”

My dare? Wait. It was a dream, right?

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