Dec 12

Trimming the Tree

“I’ll be home by 7 pm. No putting me off. We are trimming the tree,” said Clarence.

“That is my least favorite part about the holidays,” said Ruthie. He heard her sadness through the phone.

“Yeah, and you never told me why.”

“You know, parents, tradition. ‘Do it my way.’ As a kid, it was a mandatory performance and never fun.”

“Suppose I guarantee you this year would be fun. Would you say yes?”


“What if I focused on you?”

“Sounds appealing.”

“Okay, I’ll bring some supplies. Would you make mulled wine with cinnamon sticks and cloves?”

“Alright. But I better have fun.”

Clarence loved everything about the holidays— the bright colors, yummy tastes, and fresh smells. He had been dreaming of a new sex event with Ruthie, and this was his chance. He wanted sex to be wrapped like a Christmas gift.

As he opened the front door, the aroma hit him, and his shoulders relaxed. The Douglas fir provided the low note to this holiday perfume, and it warmed him when he smelled the wine. Chocolate floated on the air. Cookies, too. It was everything he hoped for, spicy, sweet and pungent.

“Ruthie, it smells great in here.”

She came around the corner dressed in an elf costume, but she looked more like the Christmas maid.

“Well, this is a surprise.”

“Yeah, when they delivered the tree, I decided there was no reason for you to live in my holiday funk.” She twirled in front of me, grinning. “Do you like?”

Clarence sat his bag and packages down. “Yes, come here.” He grabbed her hand and placed it on his erection. “Instant response.”

“Is this where we start?” She waggled her eyebrows at him.


He opened a bag, pulled out the Christmas lights and the present for Ruthie.

“This is where we start.”

“For me?”

“An early Christmas present. Go ahead, open it.”

Ruthie ripped through the wrapping and peered at the gift.

“Well, that is an interesting shape.”

“It’s the latest in vibrating pleasure for women, and it’s going to take you places now.”


“I’m going to tease you while we decorate the tree.”

“You are?” Ruthie’s skin brightened to a holiday shade of red.

“Yes, so slip out of your panties and let me see your bare breasts.” With a frenzied motion on the package, Clarence pulled out the tree lights while Ruthie removed her panties and pulled her breasts out of the skimpy top.

“Come sit by the tree.”

Clarence had moved a straight back chair beside the tree and dropped the lights there.

As Ruthie settled in the chair, Clarence asked her to place her hands on her thighs and scoot her butt to the end of the seat. He spread her legs so he could see the heart of her and then he picked up a string of lights.

“Clarence, what are you doing?”

“I intend to light you up and then trim the tree.”

Clarence saw Ruthie’s chest rise and fall in anticipation. She had wanted him to tie her up. The timing was perfect. With intricate detail, he wrapped the lights around her hands and thighs anchoring them together. He lashed her legs to each chair leg. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips. Then he decorated her breasts in a crisscross fashion, pausing to kiss each nipple. Clarence inhaled a deep breath taking in the scent of wine, and freshness of the tree. He imagined how the colors would highlight her skin when he turned the lights on.

“How are you feeling, Ruthie?”

“A little horny here.”

Ruthie knew that Clarence was turned on and not just by his erection. He had slowed things down; he was methodical and steady, intently focused on pleasure. After he had covered her in lights, he moved to work on the tree. She always enjoyed his attention to detail.

“Are you enjoying our decorating party so far?”

“Yes, what happens when you turn the lights on?”

“The real holiday festivities begin. You’ll tell me where to hang ornaments.”

“I will?” The excitement registered in her voice.

Clarence flipped the switch and colored lights danced everywhere. Ruthie was more beautiful than he could have imagined. After selecting the first decoration, he picked up the vibrator and turned it on.

“You must be still now. I don’t want you to break the lights.”

“I’ll try.”

He rubbed the ornament against her breast and across her nipples, and he relished her intake of breath. Squatting between her legs, he teased her vulva with the vibrator. Her skin continued to flush.

“Oh, Clarence.”

“Feels good?”

She squeaked out a yes and swallowed, as she worked to breathe.

Clarence continued with his plan for the evening, taking Ruthie to the edge, ornament by ornament.

He sipped wine and shared it with her. When it dribbled down her chin, he licked it off her skin. He touched her with all the love he had for trimming the tree. And in a new tradition for her, he placed every ornament exactly where she suggested.

“We are down to the star.”

“Thank goodness. I’m a sex puddle here; I need relief, Clarence.”

After he had placed the topper on the tree, he settled between her legs.

“Ruthie, what is Santa going to say? Have you been naughty or nice?”

“How about naughtily nice?”

As Clarence centered the vibrator on her clit, she began shaking. He knew it would take almost nothing for her to explode. Up on his knees, he kissed her and tasted the cinnamon on her lips. Her frantic tongue met his, as he inserted his fingers inside her wet space. His left hand rolled the vibrator, the fingers on his other hand used a piston-like motion in her channel and his tongue mated with hers. The chair creaked, as her butt and pelvis moved with her orgasm until all her contractions subsided.

“Get me out of these lights; I have to touch you.”

“You like the new tradition.”

He worked quickly getting the lights off her body, admiring the marks on her flesh. She threw her arms around him.

“Are you kidding, you made me see stars. Tree trimming has been altered forever.”

“I like the sound of that.”

She pushed him back so she could see his face. “But Clarence, Santa thinks you’ve been a naughty boy. He left switches.”

“He did?”

Ruthie massaged his erection. “I have some ideas about how I can put them to good use.” She winked, looked at the light strands, and slapped his ass.

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