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The Call

This is the third installment which began with How May I Be of Service?

“You all right, miss?” The cabby turned in his seat and eyed her with concern.

“Oh yes, sir. Thank you for the inquiry.” She pulled her coat tighter around her neck keeping out the damp, night air as she settled in the seat. “I am quite well.”

“I worry about people leaving this address.”

“What do you mean?

“Strange things happen there.” He nodded to the building.

“What kind of things?”

“Folks come and go at the oddest times, and they wear the strangest outfits.”

“I’m not wearing a strange outfit, and it’s a reasonable hour.”

“You may be the exception. Be warned. I think people participate in unspeakable sex events in there.” Kate smiled to herself. I resemble that remark.

The driver bid her a pleasant evening as he dropped her at her address.

As she closed the door to her flat and pressed her back to it listening for the secured click, she appreciated she had exited as Kate but had returned as Periwinkle.

Thinking of her new name caused an instant craving for the orgasm withheld. The low dull sensation in her pelvis needed a release.

On impulse, she dialed the phone. “Hello, Jason.”

“Hmmm, calling me on my private hotline number, Kate.”

“I was—in need, and I thought of you.” She clenched her pelvic muscles.

“Interesting, your request for the evening?”

“I need a conclusion. Will you talk dirty to me? And would you call me, Periwinkle?” She expected a chuckle that didn’t emerge.

“Oh, my darling Periwinkle, you want your pleasure, this evening.”

“I am naughty.”

“Besides calling me, what have you done, Periwinkle?”

“I allowed a man to excite me and shove a butt plug in my derriere. Then I watched another woman devour his cock.”

“And you liked it, didn’t you Periwinkle?”

“I did.”

“Why are you calling?” She struggled to voice the words, but none came out. “Oh, Periwinkle, you hoped for an orgasm, but it was withheld.”

“Yes.” She sighed. “I kissed a gorgeous cock and left a little tongue, but I desired his entire erection in my mouth.” She paused considering the rest of her thought. “I wanted both their mouths on me.”

Kate put the phone on speaker and undressed. She stood in front of the full-length mirror studying her body.

“What do you want, Periwinkle?”

She retrieved her nipple clips from her bedside table and attached them, recalling the beautiful, wicked things Orlando had done to her. The smell of the fire, the taste of him, the sound of Juliana sucking him moved into her consciousness.

“Would you give me an orgasm?”

“You know what you are asking?”


“How ready are you?”

“My clothes are off, and I have nipple clips on.”

“Do you have a mirror?”


“Put a chair in front of your mirror and take a seat. Scoot to the edge.”

She glanced over her body using his burning gaze. At the edge of the chair, she assumed training stance; legs spread with hands resting on knees.

“My fingers will take you, follow my path.”


“Suck them first, Periwinkle.”

She lifted her fingers to her mouth. The action of pursing her lips coincided with a pelvic clinch and when she slid the digits in her mouth primal need awoke. Reflected from the mirror were sparks in her eyes. It was Orlando’s gaze, always his gaze, which heated her up.

“Cradle both breasts and with your thumbs stroke those tightly clipped nipples. Feel me squeezing them. My hands hold their weight, and it activates your entire pleasure world.”

Her breathing shifted. She closed her eyes and imagined Orlando’s body tight against her back with his strong arms around her body, clutching her breasts. Imagining his warmth and heat, she licked her lips.

“Glide across your skin past your hips bones to what we both want.”

She gave her nipples one last rub and headed for new territory. Her fingers rested below her hip bones like ten athletes poised on the start line ready to begin their event. Fear snuck in, and her mind raced. Jason wouldn’t stop here, would he?

“Are you wet?”


“Are you throbbing?”


“You may do as you wish so long as you please me and let me hear you.”

That thought caused a strangled sound to leave her lips. Permission. That’s what she craved earlier tonight. If he had given her permission, this is what she would receive. Her fingers dove into her wet folds and rotated on the concentrated nerve bundle. She bucked against the wooden seat. Each hand worked. One attended her clit the other stroked inside her.

“I love hearing your wet skin. You are working it hard. Are you breaking the furniture? I hear squeaking.”

She replayed the way he lubed up his fingers with her wetness and then introduced them into her ass. Her moans grew loud. She loved the pressure of the butt plug, how he inserted it while attending to her clit. My clit, yes, my clit.

“I know you are close. Your skin must be glowing, and your sex is glistening. Bring it home to me.”

Periwinkle looked up in her reflection to see what he would see. A disheveled and wanton expression stared back at her. She was a creature of pure lust. The weights on the nipple clips bounced around with her movements and pulled on her as she circled the spot that would provide her release.

“Your erratic breathing stirs me deeply. My cock is in my hand. I feel your lips on it.”

The recall of Orlando’s cock with its masculine scent and salty taste roared through her like the fire in his living room. She wanted him. A continuous visual loop of dabbing his cock with her tongue played in her mind. If she had sucked him, this is what she would have experienced, the build-up and the explosion. Using the beat of her hand, she ascended into her orgasm.

“Oh Periwinkle, Kate, your orgasms could stir the masses.”

His voice held her there, splayed out in all directions with the orgasm gyrating through her body. Complete, she sat back in the chair, stretched her back and settled her wrists on her knees enjoying the satisfied view.

“I swear I can smell you from here. You arouse me.”

She picked up the phone, clicked it off speaker.

“Your inspiration delivers, again.”

“Kate, you are in training now.”

“Is this against the rules?”

“Not against the rules, but frowned upon.”

“I understand.”

“Orlando wants clear boundaries.”

“Yes, Jason. Thank you for tonight.”

“I am here for you always, Kate.”

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