Mar 29

The Best is Yet to Come

The crew of “Wild Women on the Water” arrived at the beach pier destination to film a sequence between their signature model Laurel and a newly signed actor. Directing this erotic shoot would be tough on Aja. She wondered how she would handle her secret attraction to Laurel.

As Donald cleared the pier for filming, Aja received a text indicating their new actor went to the wrong location. She fumed about losing the time slot and the money.

“Why don’t you do it?” said Donald.

Leave it to Donald to make something good out of something bad. She studied his face and knew he wasn’t kidding. It had been a long time since she performed for the camera’s lens. The idea didn’t appeal to her except it would be with Laurel. “How should I approach her?”

“If you’re game, leave it to me.”


Aja and Donald worked together from her career beginnings, and she trusted his judgments about video shoots. Donald strolled down the pier with Laurel. Aja observed their animated gestures and laughter. He pointed to specific places on the pier, apparently discussing the shoot. Under his guidance, this scene might be salvaged. They turned and walked back toward Aja. Laurel beamed at her.

“Aja, go put on your swimsuit and meet us down the pier at the outdoor shower,” said Donald.

It unsettled Aja not to be calling the shots or know his plan. She grabbed her bag and headed to the bathhouse. She put on her thong bottom and little top. Her breasts stole the show with her rock hard nipples. Her ass still had performer quality. She could pull this off because she still had it.

Aja stared at her reflection in the mirror and considered her attraction to Laurel. Her desire began the second she laid eyes on Laurel, at the Mexico shoot six months ago. The suddenness of the attraction had stunned Aja. She remembered the vibrations riveting through her body were undeniable. But deny she did, when she discovered that Laurel had a girlfriend, Anabelle. Aja felt relegated to suffer her longing in the shadows.

Dismissing those thoughts as she exited the bathhouse, Aja arranged her work face. She knew Donald would film her entrance down the pier toward Laurel. Would the camera pick up more than what she wanted showing? How could she possibly filter the attraction running through her? Aja focused on Laurel under the showerhead. She resembled a beach siren. When Laurel arched her back, Aja glimpsed the model for a ship’s carved figurehead. Her breasts jutted forward, and Aja lusted after them and wanted to taste her nipples.

Approaching the shower, Laurel motioned for her to come under the water. In Aja’s dreams, she wanted this. She craved anything she could have with Laurel. A step away, Laurel pulled Aja under the running water and kissed her. The kiss ignited Aja. Their tongues mated. Teeth nipped the edges as Laurel sucked on Aja’s lips. The camera would eat this up. What a brilliant actor Laurel was. Aja’s longing burned.

Laurel turned the water off and with a naughty grin untied her wet swimsuit top. She plopped it on the pier. For the sake of the film, Aja held nothing back. She dropped to her knees and accepted the naked invitation. Leaning forward, she caught a coconut scent as she pinched both Laurel’s nipples. The moan escaping her set Aja on fire. She flicked her pointy tongue over Laurel’s nipple while she looked up into her intent face. Laurel held her breasts in each hand and rubbed her erect nipples over Aja’s face. Aja needed Laurel’s skin, so she kissed her hip bone and then ran her tongue into her bellybutton. Laurel sucked in her stomach, and Aja lifted her fingers into the top of her bikini. Feeling a perfect warmth, Aja pressed her face into the bikini bottom and kissed her vulva. Then she started to ease the bottom down. Laurel shivered.

“Cut,” yelled Donald. Laurel steadied Aja as she twisted left to face him. He hurried away down the pier. Aja quickly followed.

“Wait. What do you mean ‘cut’? We just started filming.”

“My work here is done.” He chuckled. “Aja, go enjoy yourself.” He nodded toward Laurel. “No more girlfriend. She’s got the hots for you, too.”

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