Jul 27

Sun Seared Butt

Clara and Brian planned a trip to Mexico for a week of fun and sun with their best friends. She could barely contain her excitement because she had read the best place to try new sexual things was during vacation. Clara didn’t have the courage to tell Brian that she wanted to try some backdoor action. He was open to suggestions, but she had no clue how to share it without feeling like a total freak.

When they arrived at the resort, everyone checked in, and then they dispersed to their previously scheduled events. While the men went to the marina and sailed out on their fishing charter, Clara and her friends changed into their swim suits and headed for the beach.

After they had got settled in beach chairs, a server came over to take a drink order.

“I’ll have a Rum Punch,” said Clara.

Joanie and Rachel chimed in for the same. With the drinks delivered, they laughed at their tacky paper umbrella decorations.

“You seem preoccupied, Clara,” said Joanie.

“Yeah, we’re here, and the guys are off fishing. This is what we wanted, vacation,” said Rachel. They did know her well, but her sweaty hands and uneasy stomach confirmed her nerves.

“I am stressed. There is something I want, but I don’t know how to get it.”

“We are the masters of getting what we want. Tell us what it is,” said Joanie taking a slurp of her fruity rum drink.

“I can’t tell you.”

“What? We share everything,” said Rachel.

“Yeah, but this is personal.”

“Ok. Code for sex. Spill it,” said Joanie.

A large knot formed in the pit of her stomach. She grabbed her drink and sucked in a large portion for courage and then blew the words out.

“I want Brian to nail me in my backdoor.” She waited for what seemed like forever before her friends spoke.

“Oh, darling you two haven’t done that, yet?” said Rachel.

“I thought every straight woman had,” said Joanie.

“Oh, no. Now I feel bad for a different reason. Do you believe Brian wants to, and he thought I didn’t?”

“I don’t know. Maybe Brian loves you and your straight-laced self so much that he can’t bring himself to suggest it, just like you.” Rachel reached for suntan lotion and prepared to rub it on her legs.

“Why don’t you leave it up to Joanie and me? We’ll help make it happen.” Clara knew Rachel had that sound in her voice, the one where she was in charge and on a mission. “When the guys get back from the fishing trip, you’ll be all set.”

“Thanks for offering to help, but I need to do this one on my own.”

“Ok, let’s get some sun. Here let me put some sunscreen on you.”

For five days the women kept the same routine. Breakfast, spa, lunch, drink and sunbathe, happy hour, dinner, dancing then bed.

Clara overdid the sunbathing on day six and rushed to the hotel. The guys were due back any minute. Entering the hotel room, she heard the shower running. Brian had arrived early. Realizing how much she missed him, she stripped off her suit and ran to the bathroom.

His mint body-wash filled the air. As the shampoo in his hair ran down his face, he had squeezed his eyes shut. Clara admired the man of her dreams as he lathered himself up. She loved watching him wash. Those strong fingers moved over his chest and then down to his balls and cock, and when he slid them between his ass cheeks, Clara shivered. She imagined how it would feel if his fingers soaped her crack, firm and sure, getting her ready. Clara ached to experience it.

“Hey, baby.” She moved into the shower and touched his chest. He stuck his face under the water and rinsed the soap off and then leaned down and kissed her.

“Did you have fun with the girls?”

“Yes, did you have a good time with the boys and the fish?”

“Record catch. It was outstanding.”

“We have dinner and dancing plans tonight, you going to be up for it?”

“Sure. We get to spend the last two days together.” Brian moved over, so she was under the water, and he started soaping her up.

“Turn around.”

“Be careful. I got some sunburn on my back. Maybe I’d get the message tropical sun needs sunscreen.” He turned her around facing him, and the smile he gave her was like he had won the lottery.

“I got the message.”

“You did, no sunburn on you.”

He smirked at her.

“No, I got the message.” He pulled her close and his lips ravished hers. It was a deep and penetrating kiss that spoke of their connection.

“No time to play now. I’m not missing these dinner reservations with the best dessert in town.”

“Oh, but it’s going to feel so good.”

“Save it for later. We’ll have lots of time.”

“Ok, I’ll just keep thinking about it, and I’ll be hard all night.”

“Hard for me. I love it. Now let’s get moving.”

Brian kissed her on the top of her head and swatted her butt and winked. “I can’t wait.”

Later in the evening, the three couples had enjoyed the meal and waited for dessert. Clara had excused herself from the table, and when she came back, Brian’s chair was empty.

“Where is Brian?”

“He said he had to run to the pharmacy. Oh, look here’s our dessert,” said Joanie.

Clara had eaten half her chocolate cake when Brian sat back down. He kissed her cheek. “We’re all set,” he whispered. “I got everything we need.”

“Oh, Mr. Romantic. You prepared for our evening.”

“I want it to be perfect.”

“Finish your raspberry tart so we can go.”

Clara and Brian giggled all the way to the room. Behind closed doors, she provided a little strip tease and then undressed Brian, delighted to see his erection. Dipping down, she cupped his balls and stroked him and licked the head of his penis. Divine.

“Stop, Clara. I want this focused on you.” He reached for the pharmacy bag and dumped the contents on the bed. A quizzical look registered on Clara’s face as she stared at the pile of lube bottles.

“I probably went overboard, but I want it to be good for you.”

“Baby, it’s always good for me.”

“I read an article while I was at the pharmacy, so I feel informed.”

“You read an article on using lube?”

Pulling her to him, he grabbed her ass with both hands, and she felt his fingers inch down into her crack, and then one finger touched her asshole. “Well, how to use it here.” She gasped.

“Brian, you knew what I wanted. How? It’s not like I gave you a sign.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, of course not.”

“Hop up; I want to show you something.” Brian grabbed his cell phone as he walked by the dresser. Clara walked behind him into the bathroom.

“Turn around, Clara.”

She turned and heard the click of the cell phone camera. “You did give me a sign.”

He held the picture out in front of her.

Sitting just above her bikini bottom, imprinted on her sunburned back were white letters: FUCK ME HERE↓

Joanie. Rachel.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. Brian traced the letters with his finger and kissed her neck. “This is the hottest thing ever.”

“Well if you think so, I guess you better show me what you learned at the pharmacy.”

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