Apr 27

Simon’s Surprise

Julia remained rail high on the condo balcony, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, naked and bent over. She pursed her dry lips and then licked them. Her tongue savored the taste of salt spray on her skin. Simon had given her directions, and she was determined to get them right. Once considered off limits in their relationship, her gift for following directions would be another man.  He loved to watch her with women, but for him, other men were off limits.

She heard voices through the sliding glass doors. Who had Simon invited? She longed to know what exactly he had planned. He had provided a “bug in the ear” for today, and she shivered when his husky voice finally came through.

“Julia, we are enjoying your delectable body and your teasing show.”

“Am I giving you what you want?”

“Oh, yes. Please continue. We love the way you pinch and then slap your ass.”

“I imagine it’s you.”

“Good. Someone wishes his fingers were yours, exploring between your wet lips.” Simon’s voice was smooth as glass, and it excited her. “Your glistening pussy shines like the ocean water, my dear. You are living art.”

“Simon, come out and check how wet I am?”

“Soon. I want a soaked pussy and a red ass. Switch hands. We want you evenly red.”

As her posture changed, she heard the bug activate again, but no words emerged. Instead, breathing. When her hand slapped her ass, she heard an intake of excited breath through whistling teeth. As her fingers dipped in her drenched lips, a throaty moan caressed her ears. This event was hotter than phone sex. The man was behind her, and she didn’t know who. The rustle of clothes caught her attention but did not interrupt their matched breathing. Her pinch, slap, and rub synced perfectly with his “aaaah,” teeth whistling intake breaths, and a grunted moan. Was that skin slapping? Was getting himself off? She strained to hear it all. It stoked her on. Her orgasm grew closer. Julia had to suppress it because Simon had told her too.

“Julia put your hands on the rail and stand up. Spread your legs and keep your eyes closed.”

Simon read her so well. His instructions had stopped her from coming, and her panting slowed.

The sliding glass door opened and Julia heard two distinct sets of footsteps. She stood very still, eyes closed and waited. She craved a touch. She had prepared herself for him.

He tapped her lightly at the top of her ass, his signal to bend over. She presented her marked ass and her dripping pussy. He placed his palm on her cleft and began to ease his hand down her backside. Finally, a sexy touch. She pushed her butt out a little further opening herself up to him. He wavered, and then barely skimmed her sensitive skin to feel the wetness of her lips. Desire kicked in.

The shoes shuffled to either side of her, and she waited for Simon’s signal. He snapped his fingers, and she opened her eyes. His naughty grin greeted her. It made her want to do anything he asked. He nodded to her left, and she glanced to see who the guest was.

“What? What is going on?” Her voice shook with shock and disbelief.

“You wanted another man, who better than my twin brother. This is Henry.”

“Hello, Julia. It is a pleasure to meet you.” She focused on his voice. The timbre was different from Simon’s. He had been breathing in the earbud. A twin brother. A double dose of Simon roamed around in her brain. She liked the implications. Would Simon watch them? Would Simon allow a threesome? She thought she was wet before; it was nothing to what occurred now. Simon interrupted her sex hazed brain.

“Head on to the bedroom. Take out the earbud and get on all fours on the bed.” She nodded yes and moved to the door. She glanced over her shoulder taking in the wonder of two of them. Her imagination sang as her heart pounded.

Julia placed the earbud on the dresser. Biting her lip, she tugged on her nipples and then positioned herself on the bed. The sheets were cool and crisp against her skin. She hoped he wouldn’t make her wait long.

Footsteps sounded in the hall, only one set. Simon was letting her have this adventure with his brother. That meant he would sit on the lanai and watch them through the glass doors. Her heart rate increased.

She detected movement in the room, stopping at the foot of the bed. Who knew buttons squeaked sliding out of the buttonholes? Who knew a zipper could have a staccato sound as it was pulled down? Who knew a shirt swishing in the air had a two second hang time before it hit the floor?

“Drop your shoulders to the bed, head facing the wall.” Oh, Henry. 

Two hands grabbed her hips and brought her closer to the end of the bed. The smack to her ass was quick on the right and left cheek. She gritted her teeth.


This was not Simon’s routine. One finger ran up the space between her wet lips to her asshole and back down. She shivered. He continued moving up and down her crack, slathering her juices up her ass and she gasped when his finger eased slightly into her ass bud. The idea of another man exploring her as Simon watched made her crazy. Without realizing it, she moved in rhythm with his hands. She was hot for more. As two fingers entered her vagina pressing up, she arched her body, taking all the pleasure of his massaging and stroking.

“Please, may I touch myself?”

“Um huh, yes.”

She worked her clit, he stroked deeper, and his thumb continued to tease her backdoor. He hadn’t eased it in yet, but she hoped he would. The build up to her orgasm was furious.

“I’m going to come. May I please, come?”


As she pulsed into the orgasm, he pushed his thumb into her ass and matched the stroking between her legs. She delighted in the full feeling. Oh, God. Simon is watching this. That thought caused an incendiary explosion. She fucked Henry’s hands until she fell onto the bed.

Henry wasn’t done. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his cock. He took what he wanted, and she moaned. With one hand on a shoulder and another tight in her hair, he pounded out his orgasm. It drove Julia over the edge, and another orgasm burst through her. He crashed onto her body when he came. His weight confirmed her fantasy had happened.

“Did I fulfill your expectations?”

“Oh, Henry, yes.”

“It was what you hoped for?”

“Yes, that and more, but I can’t believe that Simon allowed you and he watched.”

A familiar chuckle filled the room. “Simon didn’t.”

Julia pushed out from under him and rolled over. She stared into his gleaming face.

“Simon? How is this possible? I thought you were Henry.”

“The mind is a great tool, no?”

“But it didn’t feel like you. The way you touched me, the intent, it wasn’t you.”

“I know. I agree. Yeah, that bug in the ear is something, huh? Henry called the shots. You really thought it was him?”

“You wore the bug?”

“I wanted to meet your wishes. This was the best I could do. You and other men are still off limits.”

“But you let Henry watch me, and I know he got off.”

“He did, but that’s all. That was his price for playing. We have always been close. I suggested the idea, and he agreed. I do care about what you want.”

Julia thought for a second.

“Simon that bug in the ear is fascinating. Maybe you’d consider letting Henry talk in my ear during play time.”

“Tell me why I might consider that.”

“Because you get what you want if you do.”  She rolled her tongue around the head of Simon’s penis. Looking up at him, she smiled and then slowly inched her mouth down his cock.

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