Jun 29

Service House Training

Author Note: This is a continuation of How May I Be of Service? Thank you Melina Greenport for suggesting I make more installments to the initial story. 

I left the service house clutching a piece of paper in my hand. It contained the address and time for tomorrow evening. There were no specific instructions other than his words that sizzled through my body. “Tomorrow, you will lick my cock like that wearing your new tail.” My purse held the sex toy. I would arrive at the appointed time and await my instructions.

On time, I rang the doorbell and listened for footsteps, goosebumps covered my arms. What have I gotten myself into? The door opened abruptly and the intriguing man from the night before gazed at me, steadfast. What was my protocol?

“How may I be of service?” The words flew out of me. He smirked.

“Yes, you will do nicely. Come in, please.”

He removed my coat and ushered me into the main room where a fire roared in the fireplace. I followed behind him.

“For tonight, you will follow the same rules as at the service house. You may speak the one phrase. Consider this, a brief training session.”

His eyes had passion behind them and their heat settled between my legs.

“Undress over there and then present me your tail.”

I stripped off my clothes and retrieved the toy from my bag. I walked to him with my hands out holding the tailed, butt plug, “How May I be of Service?”

“Sit it on the tray, next to the lube and stand near the fireplace.”

Following the service house instructions, I spread my legs and bent my elbows and rested my hands on the small of my back, breasts out and chin up. He strolled around me inspecting my posture and my body parts.

“Purple is your color. I shall call you Periwinkle. Your large nipples are ready for training.” He opened a box and fiddled with items. With his back to me, I lusted after his ass and shoulders. He must have been an athlete. I snapped my gaze forward as he turned toward me. Standing there he held long, purple ribbons with weights dangling off them. He raised an eyebrow.

“How may I be of service?”

“Present your nipples.” When I stepped toward him, he looped the ribbons onto my nipples tightly and tied a bow. The weights pulled on me and took my breath away.

“Stand there and enjoy the sensations while I prepare your tail for insertion.”

While he opened the lube and covered the plug end, I gritted my teeth. The sharp, heavy sensations focused on two small parts of my body and made it seem as if I had three clits, all throbbing together. He approached me and without prompting, I uttered my phrase.

“Place your hands on your knees and bend over slowly.” The weights continued to do their job. I had a need. I wanted something filling my pussy because it was hot and contracting, not my ass. The sensation magnified when he flicked the weights with his finger. He alternated that technique on each nipple and then he placed his hand on my lower back pushing it parallel with the floor.

In one fluid motion, two fingers plowed up slowly through my soaked vulva lips and into my asshole. My knees shook. He continued the in and out motion to my ass causing my body to bounce and the weights to jiggle.

“I think you are ready now.” The metal end of the butt plug, warmer tonight, pressed against me. He didn’t rush like the woman last night. In fact, it surprised me when he stroked my wet folds as he inserted the butt plug. Maybe, he received pleasure from my wetness. I did.

“Stand and circle the room flitting your tail but make sure the plug stays in place.”

What an unusual sensation, my nipples ached and my pussy was swollen from desire whereas my ass was full. The feathery tail swished and tickled my rump. By the time I circled the room, he had his pants unzipped and his cock out. He crooked his finger motioning me to him.

“How may I be of service?”

“Lick my cock. Use those cat-like motions from last night.”

Bending over, I licked his erection as he pulled on the weights and I swallowed my moan. I felt like a lamp pull, clicked on and off while the ribbons cut into my skin. It was the perfect pain and pleasure combination.

“You don’t seem focused on your task.” Don’t give up, Kate. To refocus, I just changed the direction of my licking.

“Turn around and start again. Wait; show me your ass first.”

Kate rotated with haste and bent over, wiggling her tail. He grabbed it and held her in place. The pressure in her ass was real. He barely moved the tail but the sensations rippled through her. She dared to take this pleasure, would he know? I should focus on service, and hope for pleasure later. 

Behind her, a throat cleared and he dropped his hand from her tail.

“Julianna, please come in. I am in a training session with Periwinkle. You can help me. Come, lick my cock and go down on me. Periwinkle, assume your position by the fire.”

Kate moved as quickly as Julianna did. From the fireplace, she observed a rousing licking session and when Julianna sucked his cock, her mouth watered. The man scrutinized her reaction. His gaze never wavered even when he came. He taunted her with his eyes like he wanted her to experience his pleasure from across the room. She was glad the fire made her skin flush so it hid her desires.

“Periwinkle, you may now kiss the head of my cock.”

Julianna dismissed herself and Kate knelt at his feet.

She considered her actions. Hoping to touch as much skin as possible, she puckered with an open mouth and placed her lips on him. As the kiss ended, she dashed the tip of her tongue on him and returned to her service stance. The kiss was for him but dabbing him with her tongue was for her. Rearranging his pants, he stood and zipped them. He presented himself squarely, face to face.

“How may I be of service?”

He fondled her breasts, nipples, and the weights. He turned her sideways and stroked her tail.

“You are mine and in my training now. I am Orlando and you are my Periwinkle.” He untied the ribbons and the blood rushed in with a stinging sensation. That tail is mine; you will leave it in the room behind that door. Take your clothes and change. Present yourself before you leave.”

Kate nodded and gathered her clothes. She removed the tail, washed the plug, and left it in the sink.

Standing in front of him to speak, he interrupted her by placing a finger on her mouth.

“You mostly did well tonight. You used your tongue without permission.” Her heart pounded in her chest. “We will address that next time and you will learn. Our session will be in one month but I’ll be watching you at the service house until then.”

A fierce arousal enveloped her. What would I learn about taking without permission?

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