Aug 15

Seeing the Perseids

“Grab the beach bag. I’ve got the camera.”

“What time is it?”

“2 a.m. Come on; we can’t miss it.”

“This is your thing, Paul. Not mine.”

“But we can do this together. I promise it will be good.”

I sat up and grabbed my ponytail band and bound my hair up. Paul collected his camera bag and started putting drinks in our little cooler.

“Where are we going?”

“I scouted the best spot to capture the show. We are going out on the pier.”

I threw on a sundress over my naked body.

“We can’t go there. That’s inside the state park.”

“But guess who got a 24 hour, special pass code to get us in?”

Paul walked over to me. He kissed my nose and grabbed my ass. Those manly hands kneaded me into an awakened state.

“I’m telling you this is going to be good.”

The last time I heard those words we were in that hotel in San Diego and the sex was so hot, I was afraid we would set fire to the bed.

“Promises, promises. That’s what you science nerds are good at.”

“Now Julie, you know I’m good on my promises. This meteor shower is going to be awe-inspiring.”

We piled in the Subaru and drove across the island to the state park. There was no traffic, and it felt like it was just us and the universe. Paul punched in the access code, and the gate opened. We drove five miles to the pier turnoff. With a clearer head, I kept the critter count. We spotted several deer, armadillos, possums, and a stray cat. The animal world was getting ready for the lights from heaven. When Paul parked the car, and I looked up in the sky, I shivered. Tonight could well be extraordinary.

We unloaded our gear. The ocean waves rumbled when they broke on the shore, and a forceful breeze pushed on my body. Were they messengers pulling us forward? While carrying the blankets and cooler, my eyes adjusted to the light.

“Julie, this way.”

I followed the echo of Paul’s footsteps. It was inky dark; I could see why this would be the best place to watch the stars. We passed two fishermen leaving the pier grumbling they hadn’t caught anything for their night’s efforts. It was a half a mile walk to the end of the pier.

I loved how the wind played with my dress. It was like a sheet hanging out on the clothesline, whipping around and flapping all over the place. It teased my naked skin and slapped me like a whip being wielded by a master. The more I walked, the more I was turned on.

In the open space at the end of the pier, Paul set up his tripod. I spread out the blanket and opened the cooler and got two beers. While my science nerd situated all his equipment, I sat on the blanket and gazed left.

“Paul, I saw one.” My voice shook in sheer delight. Is this what the excitement is like for him?

“Just wait, the Perseid meteors will pack the sky and it’ll be better than a fourth of July fireworks show. I will have captured it on film.”

He joined me on the blanket and took a draw on his beer. Paul radiated happiness and contentment.

“Why do you like this so much?”

“What’s not to like? It’s Nature at its finest, showing off. It’s just the two of us.” His finger caressed my skin by the top of the dress strap. “You have nothing on but that skimpy little dress. Life is good.”

I loved this man. He was so clear about his desires.

“Give me that beer.”

“What, I only had one sip?”

“I’ve got something better for you.”

He handed me the beer, and I sat both of ours in the cooler. I love that we dressed in the middle of the night with easy-access clothes.

“Lay back.”

When he did, I inched my fingers into the waistband of his running shorts and pulled them over his growing erection and then down his thighs.

“Well, this could be better than the beer.”

Straddling Paul’s hips, I slipped the thin straps off my shoulder and wiggled the dress to my waist.

“Hang on one second I need to get the trigger for the camera in reach.” As Paul turned and reached out, I captured his penis between my breasts and rubbed up and down his length. His moan made my efforts worthwhile.

“God, I love it when you do that.”

“I know.”

My nipples were rock solid, and I took turns circling each one on the head of his penis. I loved how the pre-cum oozed onto them, responding to my efforts. When the ocean air touched my wet skin, my pussy clenched.

“The timing is right, the sky is filling up,” said Paul.

“Talk about filling. That’s what you are going to do to me.”

“I am? You have a plan here.”

I slid my wet pussy up his erection as I leaned in to kiss Paul. “Always, when it comes to you, baby.” His lips tasted like salt and his tongue, beer. This is my man. Rubbing my hard nipples over his chest, I whispered in his ear. “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star stuff.”

“Julie, oh my God. You quoted Carl Sagan for me. Tonight.” He pushed me back, sat up, and smiled. “We are, you know, made of star stuff.”

“I do. And I know what turns you on. So tonight we dance with our cosmos, to our song. Grab the trigger and hold on.”

I don’t know what came over me, the glistening at the corner of Paul’s eyes, his lopsided smile telling me I had made his night or the intense need that coursed through every element of my body. The cosmos called me. The vibration of the stars magnetically pulled me to Paul.

Balanced, on one hand, the trigger under his thumb, Paul wrapped the other arm around my back. The kiss we shared was one I would always remember. It was intense, dark, filled with lust and longing and swallowed up in the scent and the bellow of the sea. I rose up so I could take his penis inside me. Guiding it in, filling me deeply, I watched the stars explode across the sky. Paul clutched me tightly, driving me down, as I moved up and down on his shaft.

His breathing was layered over the wind and stroked the need in me. He faced west, and I faced east and our eyes locked on the entire sky. Our grunts and groans became lost as the wind picked up and signaled me to move faster. Both of us were close. Together, we went over the edge and when I threw my head back, a meteor shot up over me, and I rode it until I burned out. I felt confident that Paul captured that shot. Starbursts continued, over and over and I finally collapsed down beside Paul on the blanket. We snuggled together under the stars.

“That should be an Olympic sport,” said Paul.

“Star fucking?


“You’ve been watching too much TV. I don’t know how you would coordinate that every four years,” I said, shaking my head.

“Right. I’m sure that’s not possible. So I guess we have to be satisfied with our inaugural event during the Rio Olympics, giving us a gold medal.”

“But that was only one event. I think maybe, I’d like our team to enter a couple more events.”

“You had me when you said enter.” Paul lifted up beside me.

“Uh huh.”

“My tongue is about to enter…”

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