Mar 02


She never heard George step up behind her naked body. Standing in front of the armoire mirror, she assessed herself. His eyes followed her. The same look of interest was there now, exactly like it had been forty years ago. Focusing back on her body, she saw her life’s road map etched there. Grey hair. Cesarean scar. Cellulite. And one hip slightly lower than the other, from the last hip replacement.

“Alice, did you hear me? Do you want to?”

Looking up at George, she searched his eyes and smiled. “I want to. Can we pretend it was the day we met?”

“Ahhh, babe, you’re reminiscing. What a turn on. Then my vote is to replay the night we got pregnant with Dan.” The soft skin around his eyes crinkled in delight, as he smiled. George circled his warm arms around her body. He rested his chin on her shoulder and observed her expressions in the mirror.

“You were a beast that night.”

“I believe you came more that night than any time in our life.”

“I would blush, but I’m too old.”

“Baby, we are never too old.” He palmed both her breasts, knowing exactly how to trace her nipples to bring them alive. “It stoked my fire when you told me you had never done ‘that’ before, but you had thought about it with me. I am so lucky that you wanted me to be the one.

“The wicked idea of your fingers in my backdoor got me so wet. It scared me, but I wanted to experience it and lots of other things, too.” Alice had chosen to allow George to witness her vulnerability and he had met her on that playing field. A lifetime of hot sex existed because of that.

“We used up all the lube that night. You were insatiable.”

She touched the cesarean scar. “Dan was a big baby.”

George placed his hand over hers. “He’s only one of the big things we created together.”

“Yeah, what about our near scandal?” Alice laughed.

A confused and then troubled look crossed George’s face. “Remind me.”

“The Carson’s dinner party. I wore that long, flowy dress, no panties. You stood behind me in the kitchen and slid my dress up in the back with that room full of…”

“Oh, yes, yes. There was a mirror across the room. The look of surprise on your face seared me, when my hand rubbed across your wet pussy. Everybody kept asking if you felt okay.” George chuckled.

“And you kept right on rubbing. You always pushed the envelope.” Alice leaned back into him.

“You were always hotter with the unexpected.”

“I liked it.”

“I know you did. I’m lucky I found someone who believed that when two people enjoy what they did together sexually, it was okay, whatever it was. You remember John and Clara’s house?”

Alice reached back and rubbed up and down George’s thighs. His penis twitched against her. “Uh, huh.”

“Alice, you liked it when I set up ultimate surprises.”

“But a swinger’s party? My panic and desire danced together.”

“And a dance it was my dear, but you used it to your advantage. You always upped the ante. The moment you selected Carl’s car keys, I heard your wheels start turning. My heart nearly exploded when you told Lydia and Carl you wanted a foursome.”

“Well, watching is a favorite of yours.” Alice swayed in his arms, her breasts jiggling.

He stared at her breasts. “Only you know how to drive me insane. I can see it now. Lydia sat naked on the couch and Carl sat on the floor between her legs looking up at you in disbelief.” Heat crept up into Alice’s pelvis and she wondered if today sex might work.

“Wearing that crimson-red bra and thong, you straddled him. When you bent over to suck Lydia’s nipples, I saw him push your thong over and stick his tongue out to taste your pussy. God, I burned.”

“I stole a glance at you over my shoulder. You stroked that hard erection, as if there were no tomorrow.” She saw a shadow cross his face in the mirror and knew the memory faded.

“Erections don’t get hard like that now.”

The sadness in his voice crushed her. Alice turned around facing George and placed her hands on his face. “I think we’ve done pretty well making accommodations. I wouldn’t have wanted to share that with anyone but you.”

“You’re not disappointed in me?”

“How could I be? You are still here with me.” She tapped his head with her finger. “George, we have our minds. We’re still creative. We know how to work each other even if our bodies can’t always get there.” Taking George’s hands in hers, Alice kissed each knuckle.

“You always know the right things to say. So what do you think, hon, is today a day for us?”

“Our stroll through memory lane ignited some sparks. I’m ready to explore.”

“What do we need?” George stood a little straighter, excitement running through him.

“Maybe extra pillows for lift, the right hip is hurting.”

“I took a Viagra already.”

“You had this planned, you old dog.” She swatted his shoulder, giggling.

“Hoped is more accurate.”

“What is it you hoped for, my dear?”

He fanned out his hands and wiggled his fingers. “No arthritis symptoms and I located a new bottle of lube.”

“You say the sweetest things.” She looked into the eyes that held desire for her, always.

“How about we try that new office chair instead of the pillows? We can adjust the height and you can use the moveable arms for stability.” Alice cocked her head considering the suggestion.

“I want to see your face and eyes when you slide on my erection. We can sit in front of this mirror.” George’s eyes gleamed.

“Front door or back door?” asked Alice. A soft blush bloomed on her chest.

“You take my penis in the front. I told you my fingers were in good shape today. I feel memories in the making.”

Alice patted his arm. “And it will become another scene for our collection.”

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