Jun 06

Radiant and Self-Assured

“We don’t have enough time.” I walked across the marble floor admiring the hotel bathroom. The drips from my wet hair tickled my skin. I placed my towel on the edge of the tub. “Everyone is waiting for us in the ballroom.”

“Let them wait. This is our time,” said Richard.

He stepped behind me, his erection settled between my butt cheeks as his arms came around me and his big hands cradled my breasts.

“What do I have to do to convince you?” His thumbs circled my areolas and when he got the hard nipple response he was going for, he rocked his stiffness against me. Damn, this man knows my body? I felt his chest begin to slide down the back of me. No, no, no, no time. I was being taken hostage by that wonderful tongue of his.

I think my body was built for sex games with him. His tongue and lips settled on the base of my spine. How can his touches be light and airy while hot and demanding?

“Spread your legs, Bethany.” He knew how to excite. Sex and the creative process were intricately linked to him. The creative energy possessed him in two ways and he never kept it pent up. It had to flow and in this moment, it flowed through his thumbs which had worked their way under each cheek. I loved the pressure. His hot mouth kissed down my crack, his tongue delving in along the way. My skin was on fire and even with the dampness from my wet hair on my back, I sizzled.

As his brilliant tongue found my wet center, I threw my head back. Richard grabbed my hair and pulled it taunt. I felt like a bow being readied for the arrow. Holding me in place, his tongue flicked back and forth across on my vulva then he found my clit.

“Say, yes, Bethany.”

I teetered in that spot, vibrating.  I was tight, and every sensation running through me was delicious. “Richard, there is not enough time.” He sucked on my lips and clit until my knees buckled.

“We have time, this is for us. Let’s sit on the edge of the tub.” I nodded my head as I enjoyed the pressure on my scalp and the tingles in my sex.

He released my hair and I pushed my towel out of the way and balanced my ass on the tub edge. He stabilized himself with one foot in the tub and one foot out of the tub. His face held an earnest look.

“Do you believe in magic?” I laughed at his question.

“Trick question, the song?” He glared at me. “I don’t know. Do, you?”

“I believe that when our pleasure comes together we make magic.”

I chuckled. “We are not doing a business deal here.”

“No, other things are near and dear to my heart.” His hand inched up my leg, kneading and testing my readiness. When those fingers found their way to my vulva, I gasped and he took his cock in the other hand. “Let me show you how important. I want to remind you how we got here, tonight.”

His thumb stroked my clit while his hand stroked his cock. I stared at his erection, a true work of art. As I expanded that thought in my mind, he eased his fingers inside me. The steady pace was an invitation with both hands, one in me, one on him.

“Bethany, be with me.” His face beamed with wonder and gratitude. This was always about us. Taking each other to new heights and coming back more connected than before. That’s what we did.

“Relax into it. Take it.”

Richard was right sex, now, had to be part of tonight.  It’s how we worked. Tonight we needed each other. No matter what happened, there would always be this, sex our way, whatever that was at the moment had culminated in tonight events.

Dismissing the outside world, I focused on the now. Richard had taken the stress of the event and made it into something desirable. He pounded his gorgeous cock. His face morphed from his working intensity into an ecstasy of pleasure. Then he showered that pleasurable intensity in me through his fingers. Our energy was circular. I stroked his leg after every push. It was as if it I punctuated his sentence, signaling him I received the message. We were two that made something larger than ourselves. His nearing orgasm swept me up and then we crashed into our body sensations together.

In the cavernous bathroom, my squeaky ass on the tub tile echoed and mingled with his grunts and groans when his orgasm hit. He allowed all the energy to gather and then it flew out of him. He poured pleasure into me and took pleasure from me. I imploded into light. The color was all I saw. I floated.

Blown apart again, satiated and blissfully full, I looked at him. While he basked in a tranquil haze, I glowed. Our hands squeezed each other’s leg.

“Okay, Richard. It is time to dress for the evening event.”


Walking the red carpet, they were greeted by the host talking into a television camera.

“I’m here with co-writing and directing team of Mr. Richard Toms and Ms. Bethany Williams. They are finalists for the Best New Film Award for their feature film, Notified.  I’m sure for every nominee’s it’s an exciting yet stressful night.” She paused and situated us in front of the camera. “Ms. Williams, you look radiant and Mr. Williams, so relaxed and self-assured. How do you manage that on such an important night?”

They looked at each other and smiled.

“The usual, we are low key but we essentially celebrate how we got here,” said Richard.

“We know how to embody those elements and we make it happen.”

“I think you are a shoe-in for the award. Good luck tonight.”

“Thank you.”

Stepping off the red carpet they headed to their seats.

“Mission accomplished,” said Bethany.

“Wait, we need to discuss our next film idea.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Our success backstory…you know the road to ‘radiant and self-assured’.”

“That means the theme is sex as the creative energy for work.”

“Absolutely, if we win tonight promise me you’ll consider it.”

“Does my consideration come with a magnificent tongue lashing?”

“Yes, but I have other body parts that want to play.”

“I’ll see how good your tongue does to start but first, let’s win the award.”

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