My story “Infused Leather,” highlighted in Publishers Weekly’s starred review, is included in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3. Cleis Press. 12-12-17

The Library Journal said this in it’s starred review.  “Though erotic and explicit in theme, this anthology touches upon topics such as childhood trauma and dating with a disability, emphasizing that sex can have a serious side. VERDICT. A stellar compilation that upholds the high standards of its predecessors. Highly recommended for all erotica collections.”

My Story “Lashed”, is found in Big Book of Submission, Volume 2. Cleis Press. 1-9-18

“Prolific editor Bussel (Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Vol. 3) fans out an inclusive array of sexual submissions in 69 succinct stories featuring people of diverse racial backgrounds and genders in various pairings and groupings, with the welcome addition of a few older characters as well…”Roped In” by Adrea Kore introduces a sweetly naive narrator to the “seductive slither” of shibari rope bondage. A dreamlike seagoing fantasy in Dr. J.’s “Lashed” explores the deep artistic intimacy of being bound. Anna Sky’s standout “Imago” lyrically explores tattooing, and Giselle Renarde’s “We Are Magic” stuns with fresh, unexpected twists. Readers will be very satisfied by this erotic buffet.” Publishers Weekly

Forever Tattooed. eXcessica Publishing.
Released 9-23-2016. Click on the book cover to download your copy from Amazon.

Tattooed Forever owner, Gabe Stewart, receives a message from the past when Dana Parker enters his shop, off a plane from Thailand. Dana kept a secret for two years and is now ready to share it with Gabe. In turn, Gabe surprises Dana with his own newsflash. With the disclosures out in the open, Dana questions whether he can give her what she desperately wants.

“Topping You” is included in this Erotic Anthology: Women on Top
Released 8-23-2016. Click on the book cover to go download your free copy on Amazon, now.

Can another woman top Dane Lewis like Anikka? After losing her, he steps back into a sexuality
world and enlists the service of Nicole Henning to find out. Nicole creates an unusual sexual event to move him forward? Does it do the job?

Radish Fiction

Destination Bordello. Upcoming.

Layne Baynes lost her massage therapy lease but received news of a property conveyance from attorney Carlton Jarvis. With a family bordello legacy revealed, these two concoct a plan to gather money to pay off the back taxes and get her new practice established. How do they do it? They pull a page from history and find themselves lost in the lust and fantasy at Destination Bordello.

Chronicles of A Sex Doctor. 10-8-2017 Ongoing story.

Dear Reader: You are a sexual being entering into the land of sex-positive, mature topics, and consenting sexual behavior, one case at a time and one session at a time. From the therapist’s chair, I’ve seen how individuals “do” sex. It speaks to their meaning and desire for sexual behavior. I’ve created this erotic fantasy collection to highlight these things. Setting and environment play a part. People and personality play a part. Good old naughty thoughts and lust play a part. Adult sex is adult play. Humans are complex creatures. I believe that to be a whole person, sexuality must be embraced, owned and then integrated into each of us. That’s what I’ve spent my career teaching about, and I’m still doing it now. Please, step into my office. Sex-positively, Dr. J.

When The Sheets Talk. 9-23-17 Completed story.

Rafe and Beth push each other to want MORE in their sexual relationship. Each has their fantasies. Add Mara to the mix and everything spices up. Can this couple handle the smoldering heat?