Aug 31

Please, Lick me There

“Baby, I want this.” Adam sat naked on the floor of the bedroom enjoying Lucy disrobing. His mouth watered, for a cunt in his face and a backdoor view. Lucy took her time getting her black dress off. As she dropped each article of clothing, Adam noticed her hands shook. Her panties came off last like they were her last bit of protection.

“I just want to know every part of you, even your ass.”

“You want my ass?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe. Now get over here.” Adam thought every inch of a person’s skin provided pleasure, and he wanted all of her, even the parts of her for which she was ashamed and hesitant to share.

“How do we do this, Adam?”

“Turn around. I want you to straddle my legs.” Lucy turned so her ass was in Adam’s face and she shivered. He knew she wondered what it would feel like, so did he, but he was excited to find out, and he wasn’t sure she was.


“You are beautiful you know,” he said stroking her skin. She blushed, and the pink color of her skin made him hot. “Bend over and place your hands on my knees.”

She began to bend and stopped abruptly. “I can’t do it yet. I’m sorry.” Her voice shook with nervousness.

“Hey, hey, no problem. Give me a hand to get up.”

She reached back and offered her hand and pulled when he clasped it. She headed to the bed and lay down. “I know how much you want this. I guess I’m embarrassed or something.”

“No worries. It’ll happen when you’re ready. How about we do something you love, maybe a little snake charming?”

She laughed. “Always about you, huh?”

“Oh, no. I know how you get off on commanding my stick and believe me, your powers charm.”

“I do like to control your stick, so let’s work a double header. Get on top of me.”

Adam wasted no time moving; he could never get enough of her. As his leg flew over Lucy’s body, he looked like a cowboy saddling a horse. As his face hovered over her mound, he nuzzled her. She sucked on his ball sac, moaned and grabbed his cock letting him know she was in charge.

He sprinkled kisses on her inside thigh and blew air across her skin to see her wiggle. She stroked his cock while she bathed his jewels with her tongue. He dabbed his tongue on her clit which caused her to suck with intensity on his balls and dropped her legs wide open. She ran her finger over his slit to feel the wetness she would soon taste. Adam was determined to follow her lead.

“I know you are holding back, Adam. Get busy.”

“I wanted to make sure you get it just like you want.”

She licked his stick like it was pure cane sugar. For every lick she provided, he flicked a little deeper into her vulva. As he inched his way down her body, her warm lips circled the head of his penis and sucked gently. When she opened her mouth wider to take him in, he scooped his arms around her legs securing them by his head and then anchored his hands on her butt. He loved this reciprocal state. The tighter he held her, the more she affixed on him. One moment he was giving, the next she was. It was a pleasure loop that they both relished.

While Adam sucked her clit and licked her lips, over and over, Lucy took him in deeper and deeper. His hands had control of her pelvic movements. Every time she tried to shift positions, she took him with her. Adam was relentless, but so was Lucy.

They were nestled together as one when his sexual energy surged up through him signaling his orgasm and Lucy sucked him like she would never get enough. He fancied himself lucky that she drained him dry and took it all in like the hellcat he knew.

After his orgasm, Lucy pushed him off her.

“Babe, why are you pushing me off? You didn’t have an orgasm yet.”

“I figured if I was near my orgasm, then it was time for you to give me a rim job.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. You want me back in that position with my hands on your knees?”

“I do, baby.”

Adam sat on the floor with his back against the bed. Feeing her excitement and trepidation, he decided to work at a slower pace. He didn’t want to spook her; he wanted to make her feel good.

“Okay, Lucy. Get your standing balance and straddle me. I’m going to eat your pussy just like I was doing.”

Lucy moved across Adam’s legs, positioned her hands on his knees and bent. He had a face full of her intimate parts, all of them. He was in heaven. Adam stroked her thighs, as he inserted his tongue into the heart of her cunt and that little squeak he loved escaped her mouth. Moving his fingers up her legs, he stopped at her ass and kneaded each cheek.

“How does this feel, Lucy?”

“Splendid. Your tongue—” He drew her ass cheeks apart and flat tongued her vulva. “Oh, God. That’s good.”

He continued with long, even strokes and enjoyed the hip action it brought out of Lucy. After one long lick to her vulva, he positioned his tongue between her vagina and asshole and stroked up.

“Ooohhhh. That feels—”

“Delightful, I hope.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Nerve endings for pleasure are everywhere, baby.”

Adam alternated between licking her pussy and her asshole. He pushed her cheeks together and moved them around while he sucked on her skin.

“Wow, everything is wet and pleasurable. Mmmm. Oh, yes.”

Continuing to hold her cheeks together Adam wiggled his tongue in the crevice of her ass as he moved her cheeks, so it seemed like he was licking everywhere. Lucy groaned and backed into his face. As he separated her cheeks, he sank his tongue onto her rosette. Adam was where he always wanted to be. He loved the feel of her ass on either side of his tongue as he tickled her with his tip. As she continued to back into him, he reached around to find her clit. He was buried in her ass with his nose, mouth, and tongue, taking all he could.

“Adam, I’m coming.”

Her entire body trembled. Adam shook his head between her cheeks working his lips and tongue. He timed his licks and flicks to her ass with his circular motion on her clit. As muscle contractions wracked her body, Adam felt like the bobble head on the car dashboard. Being with Lucy, like this, was everything he had dreamed and more. When she stilled, he dragged her down on his lap and dropped kisses on her shoulder. Lucy’s limp body molded into his and she sighed. He waited to see what she would say.

“I’m a dope.”

Adam chuckled. “That wasn’t what I thought you would say.”

“I never imagined that an orgasm could feel that good. I’m a dope for holding out so long.”

“Baby, when you decide, it is always good.”

“I guess you have to lead me down the sexy, smutty path.”

“Well, now that you say that, I was wondering how good it would feel to insert other things into your ass.”

“Uh, huh. You realize that that’s a body part we have in common, you know, minus a prostate.” Adam held her closer, wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her hair. Lucy lifted her face to his. “Maybe I want to go on a little ass play endeavor on yours.”

Adam squeezed her tightly. “I was thinking the same thing.”

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