Sep 22

Pinup Reality

Earl’s buddy had found a pinup poster of his all-time favorite model in his vintage collection of Playboy magazines. The guys teased him about his love of out-of-date, classy women. The day Emmie walked into the garage, he thought his unforgettable model had stepped right off the page. How could he be this lucky seeing these curves and style in person? As Earl had imagined her body wrapped in delicate lace lingerie, she had made a play for him, and he accepted.

As he stared at the pin-up over his desk, he fantasized about Emmie in her lingerie; his dick strained in his pants, and the phone rang.

“Lloyd’s Long Term Parking and Garage.”


“Emmie, I was just thinking about you.”

“Are you busy, Earl?”

“I’m sitting at the desk doing paperwork. I love this distraction.”

“I like being your distraction.”

“You are the best and the naughty kind.”

“Well, I enjoyed our little, garage romp, garter man.”

“You little minx.”

“Thinking about it got me all hot and bothered, Earl.”

“I like that, Emmie.”

“I was calling to see if we could do it again?”

“Name the time.”

“Friday night sound good? 6pm.”

“That works. Say, Emmie, what color is your lingerie?”

“Sapphire blue, why?”

“Color against your skin turns me on.”

“Are you turned on now?”

“Hard as a rock.”

“Maybe I can help you with that?”

“What do you have in mind, Emmie?”
“Unzip your pants and let the stallion out.”

Earl looked around the shop and then rubbed his hand across his pants like Emmie would. He unzipped, and his erection surged into the air.

“Earl, I love listening to your ragged breath.”

“Dirty talk does that to me.”

“Stroke your cock. I’m going to lick you. Feel me?”

“Hmmm, yes.”

“My bra is off. Nestle that steel rod between my breasts. Oh, yes, my girls love it. My nipples are hard. I’m dripping. Feel my tongue swirling around your cock?”

Earl’s strokes intensified in strength and speed. “Oh, yeah.”

“What do you want to do to me, Earl?”

“I want to grab that luscious ass of yours and ram my cock deep inside you, so you don’t know your name.”

“Damn. Not fair. I’m in an office full of people, squirming.”

“Hey, you’re the one who called.”

“I’d probably get fired if they knew what I was doing?”

“I’m pumping hard, Emmie.”

“Oh God, give it to me good. Fuck me, Earl.”

“Oh, yes.” The chair shifted, rocked and rolled then reared back when his orgasm erupted.

“Emmie, I love your work distractions, how come you are so good?”

“I guess I get it naturally.”


“Yeah, you know that poster over your desk.”

“My prize possession.”

“Does it remind you of me?”

“It does.”

Emmie chuckled. “Earl. That’s my momma in that picture.”

“Hell, no.”


“Well, I’m one lucky man. My fantasy became real life.”

“Just wait until Friday. Momma taught me how to fulfill all your fantasies.”

Writing for Friday Flash. Check out the other flashing stories.

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