Mar 28

Pink Dimensions

Nick and Natalie walked into the beach condo. The decor proved that point. Seashell lamps and nautical designed fabrics graced the furniture and sea-themed objects were scattered in every room. They were surprised at how beachy it was.

“Come see the master suite. It’s like being inside a seashell. It’s so iridescent pink and shiny,” said Natalie. The sheers over the sliding glass door and the comforter on the king bed created the illusion of being in the pink shell channel. The mirrored closet doors doubled the effect.

Nick walked in behind Natalie. “This light embellishes your porcelain skin. Illuminated by this rose color your skin glows. I should shoot you in the backdrop of this…

“No, we are on vacation. You promised we would play… no work.”

“Baby, you know how I like assessing light. It turns me on, especially when it showcases your tasty body.”

“Let’s hit the beach first and see how that lighting works.”

“Alright, but my wheels will be turning.”

After they played in the surf, Natalie fell asleep by the pool. When she woke up Nick was gone. She gathered her belongings and headed inside.

Instrumental island music played as she entered the condo. “Nick, where are you?”

“I’m in the bedroom. I made mojitos, grab one.”

She dumped her stuff on the dining room table and spied the mojito pitcher. The scent of mint refreshed her as she poured a glass. Taking a sip, the drink’s coolness revitalized her. Holding the glass, she walked to the back of the condo to find Nick.

So much for not working, the master bedroom looked like a set for a photo shoot. Natalie sighed.

“You promised no working.” Disappointment ran through her.

“Do you see any photography equipment anywhere?”

Natalie glanced around the room and found none. “Then what are you doing?”

“You wanted to play and I wanted to enjoy the light, so I combined the ideas.”

Leaving the flush sheets on the bed, Nick had moved the comforter to the floor in front of the mirrored doors. He had added all the accent pillows on top of the comforter. The room was entirely bathed in pink.

Natalie grinned at him. He was her clever man. “The mojitos were a good start. What’s next?”

“Get rid of clothes and get on that comforter.”

Natalie heard the excitement in his voice. She took a sip from her glass and placed it on the bedside table. She reached behind her neck and untied her bikini top and let the cups fall. Was it the expression of desire on Nick’s face or her reaction to rolling her fingers around her nipples that caused a deep throb in her pelvis?

“Turn just a bit, baby. I want to see how the light plays on your breasts.” Nick came up behind her and untied the back of her top and threw it on the chair. He cupped both breasts and kissed her shoulder. Natalie looked down at his hands and their legs. For once, she might understand Nick’s work. The contrast of his medium to her light skin tone was a turn on, especially in this light.

“Nick, strip.”

He laughed. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I’m not sure but it has to do our skin contrast.  I want to see it all.”

They both undressed and stood in front of the mirror caressing each other, noticing how the rosy light altered their appearance.

“I want you to lie down on the comforter, so I can see the how the shimmering-pink shadow from the comforter cradles your skin.”

She reveled in his directions and desires. That sexy voice of his could get her to do anything.

“I’m going to stroke you good and watch you blush. You’ll add your own shade of delicate crimson…a photographer’s dream.”

His words aroused her as she settled down on the comforter. The expert photojournalist in him regarded her with intensity and she smoldered. Nick used one small detail, like light or color, and blew life into it.  She knew he saw elements about her that others missed.

“I think I understand, Nick. Light combined with color is a dimension you live in.”

“Yes, and we are in that dimension now. It can only get better with sex. I always wanted to share this with you.”

His eyes were a proxy for his hands. Pressure and motion rained down on her. She dropped her knees out to the side, knowing he had moved his vision from her chest to her vulva. That thought alone stirred her blood.

“That’s my girl. Blush baby.”

He knelt over her and placed the heel of his hand in the center of her chest and his fingers crawled their way down her abdomen.  With every nerve ending alerted, her body stood at attention, ready for anything. When his fingers found her vulva and curved them inside her, she pushed up. The decisiveness, with which he located the spot inside, caused her to arch off the comforter and reach for his penis. It became a lever in her hand. When she stroked and pulled forward, he rammed his fingers inside her, keeping rhythmic pressure on her g-spot while the heel of his hand ground into her clit. She bowed up again into his hand, her shoulders and head dropping behind her. With her last back arch, an orgasm ripped through her.

Upside down she saw the two of them in the mirror. Lost in a haze of warmth and pleasure, she viewed her milky-white skin next to his caramel skin highlighted by pink-blush. Natalie became the photographer. She snapped the picture in her mind. She captured everything in Nick’s dimension, pleasure, surreal light, and a seashell’s inner color.


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