Jun 15

Pen me a Fantasy

Life inspires stories. As a therapist, I love to consider group connections and why people are together and why paths cross. However, today in writer mode, life information gets used in a different way, it becomes sparks that transform into a story. 

This weekend I met a dynamic group of eleven women dining at a local restaurant. They were visitors to the island, friends from uni, sorority sisters, on a long awaited beach weekend, traveling in from all over.

With Wicked Wednesday’s prompt rolling around in my mind, I had to decide, which person of me, the women would meet. I shared my real identity by content, the sex therapist now an erotic writer. But in the name, Dr. J., they met my writing persona.  It was the perfect blend.

I wanted them to know our interaction of energy did spark and a story emerged. Here you go ladies, this one’s for you and you have the picture to prove it!

Pen Me a Fantasy

by Dr. J.

It was an all-girls weekend, talk trash, talk men, and talk sex. All married except one, this beach weekend recaptured fun and youth. It was sanctioned Las Vegas style, “What happens on the island, stays on the island.”

After a festive and lively meal, they continued to their planned events including a designated pub crawl with a limo service at their beck and call.


Lily awoke to a set of mumbling words as a hot tongue massaged her clit. She moaned while Charlie sucked.

“I missed you.” He gave her a long, delightful lick.


“You’re so responsive.” He spread her labia. She felt freed and relaxed.

“Don’t stop, babe.”

His scruffy beard lightly teased her skin between her legs while his lips and tongue tempted her clit and vulva. She was in heat, the need tapping her all over. She couldn’t get enough. Sex with him was never this edgy or exciting.

“You can go to the island anytime if you come back revved up, like this.”

He lapped at her pussy and she squirmed. His tongue activated total body pleasure cells. Her muscles tightened and her toes curled. He spread her thighs for better access and stretched his arms up past her stomach to cup her breasts.

“This tan line highlights your assets. You were teasing all the men wearing this bikini.” God, he was being talkative. Focus, Lil.

“You enjoy knowing that men looked.”

“Damn straight. They can look all day, only I touch.”

His hand snaked back to her pussy and two, wet fingers glided through her vulva and then inside. She arched off the bed. Her pearl pulsed in his mouth while his fingers expertly milked her g-spot.

“You like this.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Roll over.”

When she did, he grabbed her thighs and pulled her back on her knees. With Lily’s head down and her ass up, Charlie had total access. This was not her favorite position, but today was a new day. She wiggled her butt at him.

“You letting me play?”

“What’s your pleasure?”

“I want to lick you completely and then fuck the living daylights out of you.”

“Do it.”

His finger traced the tan lines of her ass, claiming it for himself. At this angle and position, his beard, like sandpaper, intensified every sensation on her skin. It was earthy and raw. He licked up her slit and past it, wiggling his tongue on her asshole. Holy hell. He’d never done that before and she never expected it to feel so good. Her pussy dripped. He licked until she pleaded.

“I can’t take it anymore, give me your cock.” He pulled her onto his erection. It was what she needed, male thickness filling her up. His hands dug into her hip bones as he drew her to him. Each time his erection surged forward, his pounding pace quickened. His balls slapped her skin sounding the wetness she had created. It was all she needed to reach her orgasm. Her channel clamped down on him like a vice and her rhythmic contractions took him over the edge.

They collapsed on the bed in a heap. She lay there in a sex haze wondering what she had done on the island and repeating the phrase, “When lips circle your clit, you will explode.”

Lily needed to compare notes with her sorority sisters and attempt to piece together what might have caused this. They had a skype session planned.

“We drank too much, I think,” said Lily.

“Well, we did the pub crawl.”

“Didn’t we all get Pirate’s Punch at the Palace Saloon?”
“Yes, I paid for that.”

“I picked up drinks at The Turtle. But the bill wasn’t that high.”

“What do you remember?”

“We danced.”

“With cute guys at the bar.”

“Which bar?”

“Which guys?”

Lil decided to ask.

“Has sex been different since you all came home?”

“Well, I didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, but mine has been really hot, especially oral sex.”

“Yeah, me, too.” After a thorough discussion, the conclusion among them was sex after the trip rocked. What had happened?

On one cell phone, there was a picture of all eleven of them, lined up in a traditional sorority style pic with the author, Dr. J. in the middle. It was the only tangible piece of evidence from the weekend. The picture was taken after a conversation with Dr. J. Was it a chance meeting? Maybe, maybe not. Lily decided to investigate. After the skype session, she checked her computer’s browser history. Sure enough, she identified Dr. J.’s website there.


Lily brought up the website and read Dr. J.’s info. She was intrigued by a specialty service, Pen Me a Fantasy. As a paid service, Dr. J. would write a fantasy based on you as a character after a conversation or an unknowing collaboration. She would observe your group interactions. Afterward, she would introduce herself.  Based on the dialogue, she would craft an erotic story as a memento of the trip. Lily confirmed in her mind that’s what happened. Charlie knew the restaurant plans for that night, he must have arranged it.

She mulled it over for several days and then approached Charlie. He was watching TV when Lily walked in the room. She held out her cell phone to him.

“Check out this picture of us from the trip.”

He barely glanced at the picture. “Nice. Having fun I see.”

“We were.”

“I’m glad. That’s what I wanted.”

Charlie didn’t bite. They had wanted a trip to remember and Charlie helped make that happen. Lily kept quiet, not tipping her hand, yet.

Lil’s phone alerted her to a text message. “Our story is up on Dr. J.’s website.”

Lily went to the computer, opened the website and read the story.

She repeated the phrase, “When lips circle your clit, you will explode.” It resonated with her body. She was getting wet, just thinking about it.

What additional services had Charlie paid for? Trance-work? Hypnosis?

“Charlie, meet me in the bedroom, please.”

“What’s up?”

“You, I hope. I need to do a little experiment.”

“I like bedroom experiments.” Lily slipped out of her shorts and panties. She lay down on the bed and propped her feet on the edge.

Charlie dropped to his knees, placed his hands on her thighs and watched her watch him. “What’s the phrase?”

“You know, don’t you?”

“Yep, I figured it out.”

“Are you mad?”

“Not exactly, sex has been really good.”

“I thought the sex therapy-erotica angle was interesting.”

“Did all the guys, know?”

“We planned it together.” Lily shook her head laughing. “Don’t tell our secret, ok.”

“You’ll get payback for this. I’ll be thinking about your upcoming trip.” Charlie massaged her thighs.

“But for now, put your magic phrase to action.”

“When lips circle your clit, you will explode.”

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