Oct 31

Not in Zorro’s Shadow

“What? Carol and Armand’s annual Halloween gathering is a swinger’s event?”

“Yeah, it’s perfect. We can go incognito.”

“Dressed like that lovely ghost, you are strangling on your erection. No.”

Roger loved Halloween and role play, and he used every body part to that end.

“Baby, don’t you like my ghost?”

“I like it real.” I snatched the white makeshift ghost costume off his penis. Clothes are for people, not this lovely erection.” I stroked his cock.

“Okay, but you’d be up for holiday costumes to add an extra intrigue to our first swinging opportunity?”

I kissed him on the tip of his penis.


Roger organized our sex plans, and he set up something he thought we would both enjoy. Since I was tentative about a more adventurous sexual lifestyle, he eased me in. He arranged a wife swap with another couple. I trusted him. We attend the party as one part of a pair and meet our matches when we arrived.

Roger bought our outfits. He was decked out as a Top Gun pilot, and I was Zorro’s mate. My breasts were cinched up in a bustier top. I liked the sexy feel of the open armlets and mid-drift top riding above my hip-hugging, tight skirt, and boots. No panties. I wanted Roger to be proud and get what he wantedAs I put the finishing touches of the mask and hat on me, I channeled Zorro’s masked woman. How would I service my masked man? How would Zorro service me? What would Roger like?

As soon as we reached the party, Roger left to circulate and see if our couple had arrived. I headed to the bar to pick up a glass of wine and take the edge off my jitters. When I saw my man behind the bar, every hair on my body stood on end at once. Roger never shared that Zorro was tall and built. He could be a movie star. Tonight may be my lucky night. I called on my inner bad-girl -elf to take charge; that’s what Roger would want. Enjoying the view of my match boosted my confidence as I transformed into the type of woman who would be with this man.

“Hello, tall, dark and Zorro.”

“Hello,” I noted his appreciation with the slow but full once-over of my body. “Alright. My counterpart for the evening.” I blushed. “You look lovely in your mask and hat.” He winked at me.

“Oh, please. If we are a match, then I’ll call you Z.”

“But of course. And what shall I call you?” I looked him over, and I purred. I felt like a hellcat in heat.

“Kitty will do.”

“May I get you a drink, Kitty?”

“My usual is white wine, but I believe a shot of tequila might be more appropriate.”

“Coming right up. Want that with a lime?”

“Yes, please, Z.” He stood at ease behind the wooden structure, and it was clear he had done this before. “May I ask you a question?”


“How often do you do this?”

He pulled out a shot glass and plunked it on the counter. Picking up the tequila bottle, he poured the shot and pushed the glass my way. “I make the event rounds.” He slid the salt shaker toward me and sat a bowl of lime wedges beside it.

“This is my first time.” I sprinkled salt on my hand and tipped back the shot. After I had licked the salt, I bit into the lime.

“Carol and Armand throw great parties. I bet you will find everything to your liking.”

“I am pretty sure, I have.” The familiar burn and taste of the tequila warmed my insides and bolstered my courage.

He grinned at me. Okay, Hellcat, it’s now or never.

I loved the surprised expression on his face, as I came around beside him. He gazed up and down my body causing me to sizzle. The combination of alcohol and the scent of the mixers made for a heady cocktail, and I was ready to taste.

“So you have a plan back here, Kitty?”

“I believe I do.”

I scanned the room, searching for my husband, but he was absent.  I ducked down, hidden, and on my knees in front of Zorro. I took my hat off to give me more room and popped my breasts out of the bustier for optimal viewing pleasure. If I was doing this, I might as well give it all I’ve got. The look on Z’s face was priceless.

“Are you ready, big boy?”

“With a gorgeous willing woman on her knees, who wouldn’t be up for this fantasy?”

I pulled myself up by the waist of his pants and rubbed my face at his zipper, checking to see if the equipment felt as good as it looked. Rewarded with exquisite stiffness, I unzipped his fly. His smell combined with the liquor and citrus aroma turned me on. I pushed my hand into the opening, thrilled with direct skin contact. “Well, you came ready to play tonight.”

“And you too, Kitty.”

Pulling out his thick erection, I kissed it from the tip to the base.

“We’ve got company, Kitty,” he whispered.

“Hi, what can I get you to drink?”

“Two glasses of Chardonnay, please.”

“You got it.”

He looked at me as he bent over and reached into the refrigerator and grabbed the Chardonnay bottle. At that moment, I performed my magic on his erection by going all the way down. An unexpected moan added to my delight.

“You okay, man?”

“Oh, yeah. I pulled a muscle working out and bending over reminded me of it.”

The clink of the bottle to the glasses let me know he was having trouble staying focused on tending the drink. He shook while I sucked his dick. I pulled him closer to me with enthusiastic sucking while I bobbed to the beat of the music playing.

“Here you go, sir.”

After the man had left with the glasses, Z’s hands squeezed my shoulders. “Okay, Kitty. We are moving this merrymaking.” I popped my mouth off him, and as he wiggled putting his erection back in his pants, I got the girls situated in my bustier.

“This way,” he said.

The door behind us led to the outdoor patio and pool area. Z hurried me along the crisp quietness to the side of the pool house, out of sight by guests.

“Great tricks and treats, Kitty. Are you sure about this?”

I nodded yes, and he turned me to face the wall. The echo of his pants unzipping made me wetter. He rubbed a hand up my thigh to my ass and dipped into my folds.

“All skin and you are ready. Um huh.” After he had pushed my skirt to my waist, he nudged his cock between my full, wet lips. “Is this how you thought tonight would be?”

“I didn’t know what to expect?”

“You got me charged up with your sucking, and wow, it made you a dripping mess. I’d love to drill you hard?”

“Let me have it, Z.”

Holding my hips tight with two hands, he pulled my ass to him.

“Bend your arms and lean into the wall to cushion yourself.” He rocked back and forth lubing himself between my drenched pussy lips which stimulated every sexual nerve cell I had. My tilted ass wiggled, and I wanted to feel him inside me.

“I want your breasts. They are luscious.”

“Oh, yes. Squeeze and pinch, hard.”

Our bodies molded and accommodated to his movements. After he slid his hand in my bustier squeezing and pinching me, I circled my clit, and he rammed his cock inside me. The combined sensations filled me and shot me off into another level of pleasure. Oh, damn. Roger wanted to see this, but I can’t stop now.

“Fuck me, Z. Make your mark.”

With his arms anchored to my body, he became a piston engine. In my mind, I was Zorro’s woman, pretending the crack of his whip caused me to surge toward him and into my being. His frantic movements came faster, and I tossed my hair as if I had become the whip. A wild cry burst from my mouth as my orgasm ascended and his groan matched mine. Outdoor mating animals had nothing on us. We slumped against the wall, slowing our breathing and the creaky night sounds surrounded us. Burning firewood laced the air. When had it gotten cold? I straightened up and righted my clothes while Z did the same.

“I hope it was what you liked, Z.”

“You’re kidding, right? We must do it again.”

“We’ll see. I’d better go find my mates.”

“Let’s have a shot together, for good measure.”

Walking across the patio, I knew that Roger would be proud because I took the initiative. We walked back to the clubhouse, and I picked up my hat and put it on. Zorro poured us both a shot. As I smashed the glass back to the bar top, Roger called my name.

I smiled and turned to face him. There, in front of me, stood a masked Zorro and a Top Gun instructor. I swallowed hard.

“Honey, I know you were nervous, so I decided to introduce you to Johnny and Linda before we got official with our plans.”

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