Jan 24

My Pleasure Platform

Last Saturday night, I took part in a wild interview for Consensually Speaking with Gio. My Sisters in Smut, Mischa Eliot, Oleander Plume shined. And at the end, we all made parting comments. I said, “I have a pleasure platform, and I’m going to use it.”

Did I issue an imperative for myself?

What did I mean?

How did that fit for us erotica writers? It caused me to reflect on the picture below. I created it several months ago. This idea must have been sitting in my subconscious, but I hadn’t considered it this way.

Pleasure Platform Defined

At posting time, this will be my 101st blog post. Given that, I’m excited that I’m addressing this concept. So, what is my pleasure platform? Let me break it down into parts.

As defined by dictionary.com, it is this:

Pleasure: enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking; gratification; delight

Platform: a body of principles on which a person or group takes a stand in appealing to the public.

As discussed on the show, we all come to our expressions of sexuality based on our life experiences, family values, and education. Those things have shaped how we each express our pleasure platforms. I appreciate that Gio supports our trio and sees we have something special going on. In fact, during our interview, we celebrated our joint Pleasure Platforms in the style we use and with a lot of laughter. You’ll hear it when the show airs on February 12.

Pleasure Platform Collaboration

The Sisters in Smut work daily in collaborating on pleasure. First, given we all write erotica, we concentrate on the experience of pleasure through the written word, for us as writers along with our readers. That is a common thread. We provide each other feedback on our erotica, what’s hot, what’s not. Whether in our Twitter DM’s, text messages or emails, we are sharing our stuff.

Personal Pleasure Platform.

Second, this platform is us, the trio, the heart of the Sisters in Smut. We enjoy each other, how we communicate, interact, and converse.  A giant ball of light sweetness defines our Sisters in Smut energy. Picture a giant rainbow cotton candy minus the aching teeth.

We connect every day.

We play cheerleader, best friend, wise counsel and crazy life distracter when needed.

We anchor each other from our own lives, too.

From three different places in the States, we send gifts and trinkets to each other. Colored bands for jewelry or hair, beautiful stone necklaces, autographed books with touching words of love and support. When the three of us share our items, we share our energy and passion.

In a real Pleasure Platform, this positive energy is essential. We build each other up as strong women and as strong writers. We each work to be fearless. We experience each other’s goodness. We each support accepting our likes, naming what we want, and creating boundaries.

Say, yes.

Say, no.

Grow a solid-self through your sexuality. That’s what each of us has done, and on our life’s mission, somehow, we found each other. I’m not sure how, but we did. And now we are full steam ahead.

Transforming My Pleasure Platform.

Historically, I provided a pleasure platform through one-on-one therapy or classroom education. I take my sexuality education training seriously, and I draw on it while I hone a new form, erotic romance or erotica focused on pleasure. Today it is about creating a place where you, the reader, can experience pleasure through stories.

Through this original work, I’ve made new friends, of readers, and authors. Community. That is what I have here and you can, too. I hope you’ll drop in regularly and see what I offer. I hope you feel the permission to be in this sexual space.

Mainly, I hope that here and everywhere you can “delight” in the principles of “positive sexuality” which help you find and love yourself in your everyday life, while you go forward to create your Pleasure Platform

Check out my playmates: Mischa, Oleander, and Gio.

And more specifically:

Mischa Eliot’s Pleasure Platform

Oleander Plume’s Pleasure Platform



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  1. Misha Eliot

    Love it. And those cards were so much fun. 😂

    1. Dr. J.

      We should make a collage of all three sets!!!

  2. Oleander Plume

    We should totally make a collage!

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