May 04

Milestones Measured by a Semester

Two years from my human sexuality college classroom, I watched Facebook announcements of at least ten more of my students graduating.  While I am proud and happy, it saddened me to realize the rhythm of college semesters is fading for me. It didn’t escape me that I wrote this prompt about milestones, couched within a college semester window. A new life focused on writing moves me along a new, delightful ebb and flow.
So what has my writing semester life, from January to April, given me?

This current writing marks my tenth Wicked Wednesday contribution. I posted eight times for Masturbation Monday and three times for Friday Flash.

I have five short stories out for publishing consideration.

I was invited to create a story for an anthology.

To date, the first draft of my novel weighs in at 56,000 words.

I launched my website to the world the end of January. The magic number of zero readers vanished from my life. As I wrote this, it humbled me to note that 1570 unique visitors stopped by my website 2,433 times and checked out 7,744 pages. Analyzing website statistics was breathtaking, but my experience was positive. The researcher in me beamed at the outcomes.

The act of erotic creative writing was a step out of my comfort zone. Burning inside me was the desire to craft erotic fiction and now I have met that milestone. My stories arrived from my many moods, sparked by whimsy, inspiration, or desire. If the way one has sex is as individual as a fingerprint or snowflake, then so is writing about sex. Perhaps it is even more vulnerable than the act of sex itself. Through writing, more people have seen me naked, exposed, and wanting. Do they know I was open to discovery, attempting to capture a specific moment, and then making it a memory with words?

Unlike teaching, writing is a solitary journey. Writing within the community of erotic prompts has assisted me with my creative endeavors. As such, Wicked Wednesday became an integral part of my weekly routine. I send up thanks and appreciation for all the authors and the readers of Wicked Wednesday, but most especially for the host of Wicked Wednesday, Marie Rebelle. Thank you all for welcoming me into the erotic writing community.

I also want to congratulate Marie Rebelle on her MILESTONE. I look forward to reading her sexy book.
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