Apr 11

Make it Good

“Kneel and worship.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You will follow my directions, precisely.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I couldn’t believe I won Zack in the celebrity fundraiser auction or that he would star in my sexual fantasy.  Seeing is believing. This beautiful man knelt before me. Naked, all buff, and sporting an erection for the ages, all for me.

My bare pussy was just above his eye level. I wore the perfect heels to make this so. I stepped closer to his face. I wanted him to rock my world. “What do you see, Zack?”

“I see your wet lips, ma’am.”

“What do you smell?”

“I smell heaven, ma’am. It makes me hard.”

“Would you like to be closer?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am.”

“Nuzzle me Zack. Use your nose. You have such a strong nose. I want to feel it on my clit.”

When the tip of his nose touched me, I surged. I don’t know if it was from the actual sensation or the fact that I told him to do it, but I throbbed. I stopped myself from dropping my hands to his head because I wanted him to execute without my assistance. Who knew cartilage rubbing on me could feel so good? I felt his breath exhale on my skin. It sent shivers through me.

“Zack, I haven’t given you permission to taste, not yet. Keep rubbing.”

“Yes, ma’am.

The groove on the ridge of his nose drove me crazy. It was like it had a perfectly formed slot for my clit to roll up and down. The pressure was even and steady. My orgasm approached fast.

“Yes, Zack. Taste me now.”

I rose up off the bed as a hot, wide tongue licked up through my folds causing a body reaction all the way to my toes. Two big hands held my thighs apart. I exploded as lips and a tongue owned me. My orgasm crashed harder than waves in winter. I thrashed around until all sensations quietened. When I opened my eyes, Zack hovered over me smiling.

“What are you doing here?”

“You mean besides doing you?”

“Yes. What are you doing home?”

“I got off work early.” As he stroked my hair, he leaned in and kissed my cheek. I smelled my scent on his face. I stroked his cheek and ran my thumb over the ridge on his nose that I had a new appreciation for.

“Did I interrupt ‘me’ time?”

“Baby, you can always interrupt ‘me’ time, if it’s like that.”

“Well, when you’re yelling, ‘Taste me now,’ and all I can see is your hand down in your panties, you enticed me. It’s sort of easy to comply.”

“It worked you all up, huh.”

“It surely did.”

“You want a little ‘me’ time or a little ‘us’ time to work it out?”

“I want some ‘us’ time but of a very particular variety.”

His words held a little bite. I tilted my head so I could see his hard body. His erection was clearly visible in his pants. I imagined him kneeling in front of me with that rock hard penis, again. After that fabulous fantasy with his real world ending, I dared myself to try anything with this man.

“And what particular variety would that be?”

“You trust me?”

“You know I do.”

“Okay, hop up here.” He stood beside the bed and offered me his hand and pulled me in front of him.  With panties askew and my open bra and jacket dangling off me, his look electrified. Walking behind me, he grabbed my jacket sleeves and bound my arms together in the back. The position caused my shoulders and back to arch backward and jutted my breasts forward. It made me wet. Zack tweaked both my nipples at once. It detonated a throb low and deep in my pelvis. As he unfastened the button on his pants, I panted, ready to appreciate his hard penis. I wanted to help him but his clever arm maneuver nixed that.

“I know you want me, but no. You are going to watch.”

He unzipped his pants, slid them down and off. His commando self, saluted me and I could only admire it.

“Angie, this is about how I want it. I’m calling the shots and I think you need a little instruction and incentive.” His teeth raked over both nipples and then he sucked hard. I bobbed up and down, from my flat foot position to up on my toes, moving in delight to his efforts. It surprised me when he placed both his hands on my shoulders and pressed down. My knees hit the floor. What was he thinking?

He smiled down at me. “I like you in this position, kneeling and worshiping. I’ll teach you precisely what to do.” His edgy voice wielded command. We had not done this before. Something about this relational position, him up and me down, exuded power. I felt it from him and I felt it in me. How did he know I wanted to explore some boundaries? Did he know me that well?

“Yes, sir.” I swallowed hard and considered what I had created with him in my fantasy. He stepped forward and took his penis in hand and rubbed it down my cheek. I knelt a little straighter for maximum contact and then he rubbed it down the bridge of my nose. Did he know? Taking in his manly scent increased my arousal. Using the edge of his bulbous head, he traced a circle around the tip of my nose. I was giddy. As he pulled back from my face his massive, powerful hands stroked his penis up and down. It was potent. My fantasy didn’t arrive with this much real world sensation, except for the ending. He milked his penis on the up stroke and when I saw that drop of come oozing out the end, I craved to taste. I wet my lips ready and looked up into his eyes.

“I know you think you’re ready to taste me, but you’re not.”

“I’m not.”

“I want you aching for it. You kneel here and think about what you will do when I give you the opportunity.”

“Okay.” Zack blindfolded me, turned and walked out of the room. His footsteps grew fainter and the front door opened and closed.

On my knees, wet between my legs with my arms bound, I had no idea reality could be this good.

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