Jun 13

Life’s Canvas

She walked in wearing a black cocktail dress, sleek and modern, the ensemble of an artist. I had served enough at these events to know who was who. Dressed in a crisp, white blouse and my black, short skirt, I wore the costume of a worker. All night long, I watched her interact with the patrons. Both men and women fawned over her. This woman was gracious to all of them. Circulating with my tray of drinks near her, I heard her accented voice.

Pardon, may I sample a beverage? I am parched.” She took a glass, brought it to her lips and once her tongue peeked out, I melted. I was hot for this woman. I’m sure my eyes lit up. She looked at me and smiled, then continued talking with the group.

With four more hours remaining in the event, I took my fifteen-minute break. My favorite space was an alcove because it muffled the sounds of the gallery and few people knew of my hide-out. I snuck a beverage out with me. The draped material shifted after me and I learned I was not alone. I sat my drink down quickly. From the shadows emerged the foreign, hot artist in the sleek, black dress.

“Hello. I followed you here hoping we could steal a few moments alone.” She stepped in front of me. The curve of her breasts swelled full in the v-line neck of the outfit. I felt like a school girl leaning over to see what I could see. Oh, please catch me.

“You may do more than look, I know I’d like to.” She smiled and then touched my lips with her thumb. Instinctively, my tongue pushed forward like I saw hers tasting the drink. As soon as I felt her thumb tip, I licked gently. Tasting her skin was all that mattered. She rewarded me by pushing her thumb into my mouth, across my gums, and then she smeared my own wetness on my lips. That motion tore me up. My lower lips wetness caused my panties to bunch and I needed some relief. I sucked on her thumb like my mouth could summon magic from a genie’s bottle.

Stepping closer, her fragrance called to me. It was aromatic and exotic. Her breasts pushed into mine. I placed both hands on her collar bones and my thumbs stroked there while she continued to explore my mouth with her thumb. Moving closer with her raspy breathing, I observed her breasts as they heaved up and down. She was turned on. I flattened my hands and let my fingers edge down her chest and dip into the material holding her breasts. In one motion, I pulled the dress down to each side. No bra. Perfect naked tits materialized. She pulled her thumb from my mouth and circled both her erect nipples.

“I’m yours.”

With both my hands, I held her breasts and my mouth dove in. I couldn’t get enough contact with her soft, supple, and responsive skin. She acted fast, a factor of either time or interest, I didn’t care. Her fingers tickled my legs and my skirt traveled up my thighs. Following the gap, between my thighs, her hands wandered north to my wet panties. While I sucked her nipples, she massaged my vulva lips through fabric. Light touches on the outside, turned to heated and intense touches on the inside. She alternated working my clit, my vulva lips, and the minute she pressed fingers inside me, I broke the contact of her nipples and sought out her mouth. Divine it was, filled with warmth and a taste of champagne. Connection, I wanted all points of connection. I wanted in her panties, too. As she relocated one hand to palm my ass, the invitation was received. I mimicked the maneuver. With a nimble move like flicking a garter off stockings, I was past her panties to her tender and hot flesh. We were deep inside each other, our tongues sucking and nipping while our fingers rubbed and stroked. I could have floated in that space all night but the urgency of orgasm took over. Our strokes intensified; our kisses blended us into one. Once the orgasm hit, we wrapped one arm tightly around the other, standing in the dark, shaking violently and drinking in the muffles of our pleasure. After our hands left our pussies, we wrapped each other in a full embrace. Our scents mingled and the darkness etched our sense of pleasure on its black, inky velvet. I nuzzled her neck and gave her a small kiss. I stepped back and rearranged her delectable breasts into her clothing, kissing each swell and smoothing the fabric. Likewise, she straightened my skirt and smiled.

“This was my first time doing that at the gallery.”

Oui, this was my first time in this gallery.”

We giggled.

“I’ll have pleasant memories for all future work.”

“That’s why I wanted to share my sexual energy with you.” I cocked my head, puzzled.

“No one should have negative memories in an art gallery. It is full of life and creative energy. Now you too, have that.”

“What did you get?”

“You graciously allowed me to paint on another life canvas.”

“Yes, I like that.”

We share a kiss then she headed back to the gallery through the shadows. I found my drink and finished my break smiling at my new gallery memories.



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