Nov 27

Icy Hot

The chill in the room continued to drop. My teeth chattered, but I had to stay focused. Rod had never used temperature this way to ramp up my desire.

If I wiggled my foot, I touched the cold wrought iron bedpost. If I jiggled my hands, the icy metal of the handcuffs set me off. I imagined that even my warm breath made a little cloud in the air as I exhaled.

What do I do now?

The cloth blindfold was the only thing that could have provided warmth, but all it did was taunt me with the idea of it. Positioned on the metal frame, the air from underneath cooled the slats, and I struggled to remain still, maintaining body contact to keep them warm. My nipples were tight and pointed. I wondered if they would slip out of the clamps.

How long have I been waiting for him to return?

Summing my power to concentrate was the only option I had.

What craving was Rod setting up?

What delightful experience was he creating?

Clues, I needed them now. I racked my brain for any words from of our last conversations. What had I let slip?

“Can you please unpack the groceries for me, babe. I need to return this call pronto.”

“What will I get in return?”

“I don’t know. Maybe something in that bag will inspire you.”

“You mean like zucchini or cucumber.”

“You were always the creative one.”

“Oh, a new kitchen implement.”


“Hey, what’s the Icy Hot for?”

“I have a sore muscle from my work out. I thought it might help.”

Was that the conversation that got me in this position?

The doorknob turned. “Bbbrrrrs. It is chilly in here. How are you doing, baby girl?”

I knew that lilt. I pictured the satisfied look on Rod’s face. He had created an event to surprise both of us.

“You have chill bumps on your skin. I bet they’re on your ass, too.”

No speaking yet, Lara. You do not have permission.

“I’m going to unfasten your feet. When I do, I’m placing a metal bar under your raised knees. It’s been in the room with you the whole time.”

My entire body shook. A bar? What does that mean?

“Yes, it’s going to be icy, but I think you’ll like what follows it.”

Hot? Please be hot.

What incredible warmth does Rod have planned?

As he moved around in preparation, I heard a pop and then a sulfur-like odor.

A match.

And then I smelled the wax.

Rod loved to give hints and set the stage. By my head, I heard a sloshing sound against metal like in my travel coffee mug but with additional clinking. An iced drink?

He had a spanking implement because I heard him tapping it against his hand. My ears strained to determine the type. But I wasn’t sure this time. My face must have given me away because Rod chuckled.

“Baby girl, are you ready to play? You may use your words.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m going to start with the bar.”

“Yes, sir.” Since I expected it would be cold, I relished the warmth of his hands as he worked to untie my feet. I fixated on the heated connection.

“Lift your knees so you can receive the bar.”

I pulled my knees back and opened up, so there was room for him to work.

“You know what to expect?”

“Yes, sir.” I hoped he would use that implement on my ass to warm me up.

“Okay, here it is.”

And like that, a freezing rod was placed behind my knees, and I pressed down to hold it in place. My teeth gritted, and uneven breaths left my lips. I must have been a naked, shivering sight.

“You did that so well, baby girl, you get a reward.”

Warm hands rubbed my ass. Oh god, the contrast. Heated digits traced my folds, and instigated my erratic breathing. I focused on the heat.

The liquid container clinked again, and then I knew.


I pressed so hard into the bar. Yes, my body temperature would heat it up. I had to focus because cold, icy lines were being drawn on my hips and up my sides.

“I’m unclamping you next, baby girl.”

If heat were energy, the surge produced in my freed nipples might have lit a small city.

And then another ice cube moved across my nipples.

Icy. Hot. Icy. Hot.

I panted with a pent-up fire. Dare I beg? He had to know how hard this was for me. I wanted to crawl the walls and unleash all the sensations on his cock. He fucked with my head so well.

“Are you ready for scorching, baby girl?”

“Yes, sir, please, sir.”

Rod removed the rod and sat my feet on the frame.

The next sound broke me open.

My magic wand was buzzing. Rod’s talented hot hands were strapping it to my thigh with latex tape, leaving me the room to move as I pleased. He paused, and I heard the ice tinkle against the metal container.

I gasped when he inserted two icy fingers inside me and wiggled making sure to tease my clit with his thumb.

“Remember, I get the last orgasm here. I’ve got a lot of wax, and I’m going to enjoy decorating you. Pace yourself, baby girl.”


Author’s Note:

I am always amazed at what gets a story going. This one was a combination. I heard Reese Wetherspoon give a talk where she asked the question, “What do I do now?” It was a commentary of women asking that of themselves. The other part was having the first cold snap of the season and experiencing my new house in the cold. There was a playful grocery bag discussion that helped, too. Those three things combined for to inspire this story.

Writing today for the wonderful Masturbation Monday Meme via Kayla Lords.









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  1. Nero

    It sounds like fun – but I’m not sure if I would function so well in a chilled room!

    1. Dr. J.

      LOL In my story, Rod is toasty warm and ready for all events! Thanks for reading.

  2. Kayla Lords

    Oh gawd, I’ve got a craving now! And also, you should considering sharing this for Kink of the Week – through November 30 the theme is wax play and fiction is definitely allowed. It’s at http://kinkoftheweek.mollysdailykiss.com. It works like MM. 🙂

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