Jun 20

How may I be of Service?

Once my finger pressed the button, there was no looking back. The instructions left no room for error.  I could only speak one phrase, “How May I Be of Service?” This was a training event with rules clearly defined in both directions. I hoped to learn much.

After the trainees undressed, a ribbon was tied around our necks. If a guest wanted to see us again, they would ask by the ribbon color. If so inclined, they might snip a piece of ribbon for a remembrance. Purple, my color was purple.

Lined across the back wall, our naked bodies waited. Guests would approach, tell us what they wanted, and we provided it. This would repeat all night until the party ended. Guests gave us tasks to assist in our training.

My night began when a tall, luscious woman approached me.

“How may I be of service?”

“I need a tray for my drink; your back will do nicely. Come along.”

Moving to a group already talking together, she pushed me into the middle of the circle.

“Lean over, hands on your knees, flat back. Everyone, here’s our drink table.”

“Nicely poised,” said the man to her left.

“I think she needs to wag her tail,” said the shorter woman to the right.

Then she placed her hand under my chin raising my eye contact and lifted her eyebrows, intently.

“How may I be of service?”

“We want your tail wagging. Oh, here comes the sex toy tray. We will insert a plug with… yes, this tail.” She reached over and picked out one. Squirting lube on it, she then pressed firmly against the resistance of my asshole. I puckered instantly from the icy lube but I relaxed into it. These people don’t mess around. They fawned over my butt, making me giddy except for one gorgeous man who observed my facial expressions, he made me wary.  His eyes haunted me and the erection in his pants intrigued me. I wanted to service him.

Blocking my view, the smaller woman stepped in front of me.

“How may I be of service?”

“Suck my tits while we stroke and pull on your tail. Don’t spill the drinks.”

The intriguing man stepped to the side and observed my mouth. My pointy tongue circled the woman’s hard, pebbled nipples. I imagined the tip of his penis, yum. I used my teeth sucking the nipple between them, working pressure. I knew it was one of my better techniques. The woman gasped and I moaned when they jiggled the tail.

The intense man stepped into my view.

“How may I be of service?

“Stroke from underneath her breast to the nipple, leisurely.”

I flattened my tongue and with cat-like prowess, I moved up her roundness to the tip and sucked.  I heard a metal sound at my neck. He cut my ribbon.

His warm breath whispered, “Tomorrow, you will lick my cock like that sporting your new tail.”

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