Dec 18

Holiday Lights

“Check your phone. Secret Santa left you a surprise,” said Marshall, as he pinched Lily’s butt and ushered everyone out of the house.

“I call shotgun,” yelled Lily’s nephew.

It seemed to take forever, but everyone finally left to ride around and look at the holiday lights.

With her cell phone in hand, Lily proceeded to the bedroom and dropped herself on the bed. Vacationing with the family was a nightmare in privacy. She knew Marshall had left her something special. She searched under her pillow and grabbed her vibrator.

Wanting her hands free, she hiked up her dress, clicked the vibrator on and slid it inside her panties to hold it in place. The hum and vibration eased her into play time.

Searching her phone, she wondered what video Marshall prepared for her. He knew what she liked. She opened the file and was surprised that the video was of her, them.When had he taken videos of me masturbating and us having sex?

It was a compilation tape highlighting a woman’s sexual delight. It was their year in review.

The vibrator purred as she wiggled her pelvis to his voice, his rasp, and his words. Lily re-lived her panting, her gasping, and her cooing as she moved to the rhythm of her throbbing clit. They were a good couple. That little rascal. He didn’t do this for her; he did it for them to get off.

Her orgasm was building when she heard the front door slam. No, no, no. She yanked the vibrator out of her panties. She debated for a second and then took her panties off, before heading to the living room.

“How were the lights?”

The crowd chimed in. “Great. Colorful. Musical.”

“Wonderful.” She nailed Marshall with a stare. “Marshall, I want you to show me your favorite ones, now.”

“Be quick about it, Lily. Food will be ready when you get back.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

Lily shoved Marshall out the front door. Snow crunched under her feet as they moved toward their Jeep Cherokee.

“Drive to a secluded spot and fast.”

“You didn’t like the video.”

“I loved the video.”

“No big O, yet?”

“I guess I needed one more ingredient.”

They got in the car, and Marshall drove a half-mile and parked at the end of the street. Holiday lights were in view, but they were in the shadows.

“Push your seat all the way back.” Lily hiked herself over the console and sat on Marshall’s lap. Her left knee was dug into the console while her right one was wedged between into the seat and the door.

He smirked at her.

“If I had known this would get us away from the fam, I’d have done it earlier,” he said chuckling.

“Stop talking and get your cock out.”

“No foreplay then.”

He fumbled with his belt and zipper then his rock-hard erection emerged.

“Ho, ho, ho, you don’t need any foreplay.”

“You could give me a minute to catch up.”

“You silly man. While you were looking at the lights, I know you were thinking about this.” She stroked Marshall’s cock imagining how good it would feel somewhere else. “You wondered what I was doing, how I was doing it.”

“Yeah, I did.” His fingers tickled her bare thighs.

The winter air began to affect the space in the car. Their warm breath fogged up the windows and she giggled.

“I haven’t had sex in a car since high school.”

“Pretty sexy, huh?”

“You’re sexy.”

“You say the nicest things when you want my cock. Go ahead, take it.”

Lily rose up on Marshall’s lap.

“But I want to feel how wet you are before you claim me.”

“Are you writing a cheesy romance novel to go with your video?”

“Would that get you off?” Marshall chuckled easing his hands around her ass and then groaned when Lily pushed her hot, wet lips against his erection.

“You are wet.”

“You know how to get me there, babe. And I’m claiming you now.”

As she lowered herself onto Marshall’s cock, she kissed him. He tasted like Christmas—candy canes and sugar cookies. His callused hands roamed over each butt cheek.

“Hmmm, so good, babe.”

As he pulled her closer, she moved up and down. Lily couldn’t believe that the driver’s seat provided the perfect angle on her clit as she slid up and down him. When Marshall pushed up into her center, she wound her fingers through this curly hair and tugged with every stroke. His urgent fingers dug into her shoulders, and he began driving her body down on him.

“Yes, fuck me, Marshall.”

Marshall moaned, and the spring in the seat creaked like their mattress. Lily wished this had been taped. His heavy breathing turned her on, and this time as it echoed in the small space in the car, it was perfect. His orgasm sent her over the edge, and she came hard on him.

With his cock still inside her, she stroked Marshall’s hair, and she snuggled up against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her. With these stolen moments to cherish, this became Lily’s favorite Christmas. In her sex haze, she cataloged every sound, taste, and sensation for future fantasy material. Seeing holiday lights would never be the same.

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