May 11

Hit That Note

Daniel really cares and he listened. I just hadn’t realized it yet. My jazz piano guy loved to take me to his gigs. Through no fault of my own, I fell asleep to jazz. I love it but it puts me in a trance state. I become mellow and fluid and then sleep followed. It was the equivalent of good booze or drugs intermingling in my system. But Daniel studied his audience, namely me.

“I have some tunes for us to hear tonight.”

“Oh boy, sleeping music time?”

“Yes, but no, I hope. You do react to different instruments and I had an idea I wanted to try out.”

“That sounds intriguing.”

“We’re going at ten o’clock to the Duke. Wear a dress or a skirt, okay?”

“Well, this is interesting, a request for me on jazz night. Are you going to be blowing notes up my skirt?”

“Maybe. What can I say is that you inspire me?” His smirk sent little pulses to my nipples and clit.

When we arrived at the venue, a hip looking dude ambled our way.

“Daniel, hey man. Is this your lady?”

“Violet, I’d like you to meet my friend, Buster. He is a world-renowned jazz sax player.”

“Hello. Am I getting a private concert tonight?

He chuckled. “This is Daniel’s show. He called in a favor. I’m just following my marching orders.” I looked at Daniel but had no clue what transpired here. “I’ll take my place now. I hope you enjoy the surprise, Violet.”

Daniel shuffled me to a small room with a sofa. The Duke was known for catering to small private groups for the right price. Clearly, the insider music world met the criteria.

“What are we doing here Daniel?”

“I placed us in a sound controlled room to tease out the elements. We are trying a sexual experiment.”

“Tonight’s about sex?”

“Hey, you know my two favorite things are jazz and sex. I’m going for a combo.” He winked at me.

“Well look, I’m in the right place. There’s a couch in here, for when I fall asleep.”

“I don’t expect you to be sleeping tonight.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me close. “I masterminded a way to capture your attention.”

Sultry saxophone notes filtered into the room. The large, round centers of the tower speakers pulsed as the sound came out. They were in all four corners pounding out the rhythmic vibrations and my insides quivered.

“I am going to lead you into these full, round sax notes. I think the conversation between the jazz instruments overwhelms you. That’s the mechanism that puts you to sleep.” Daniel extended his hand for me to dance.

He was full of surprises. Usually, I watched him create music. Tonight, he sported sexy dance moves but the intense musician stance remained like when he prepared for a show. He wrapped us in the dark notes and we moved to the soulful sounds.

“So this is seduction by composition?”

“You could say that. I think the saxophone extends an invitation.”

“So far it’s a hot invitation.”

“I set a course of music for Buster to play that includes some surprises.”

“So you think I’m staying awake?”

“Uh-huh, I do.”

Daniel had slid his hands down my ass until he had both hands full. “If you keep moving your fingers like that then maybe I will.”

“Ssssh, listen.” He inched my dress up and palmed my soft skin. A rock hard cock met my hip.

Surrounded by smooth sounds that made me think of bourbon, I was tuned in and clearly accepting this invitation.

Sequential songs played. Daniel had composed a symphony of sex. The pace and rhythm increased but vibrant notes were held longer. In those moments, Daniel’s fingers toyed with my panties and then slipped them beneath. This man knew me he was intent to play the songs in me, on me, and through me. My clit was throbbing and his movements transported me into the heart of this musical set. Slow, sweet kisses moved into hot, passionate ones. After this warm up, I was one horny woman and he continued to rub his body and hands all over me. Everything in the room oscillated… the walls, the speakers, and me.

Daniel danced us over to the couch and stopped behind it.

“Vi, I’m going to fuck you now.”

“About time.” I was ready. Forget vibrators, they had nothing on this room as it buzzed my entire body.

He positioned me facing the back of the couch. I shivered as his fingers walked up my thighs and he massaged my ass, edging closer to my wet self. When he flipped my skirt up, the air hit my skin and ripples of excitement ran through me. Raspy, soulful wailing notes came through the speakers. They directed my need and want. They were like fingers pressing inside my hot spot, over and over. They ignited my desire. The word merge flew into my head. Merge it all.

“Bend over the couch and hold on, babe.”

I pulsed. Daniel unzipped his pants and then his erection nudged my sex. He surged a little beat like he was waiting for his musical cue to play. The room filled with raspy, edgy, and rough notes and Daniel joined in. He hands claimed my ass. He revved up and held on. His cock filled me at every note. We were instruments, one playing, and one getting played.

The riff felt endless and then it landed on one last note. I had never felt so alive. Every sound and touch reverberated through my being. I’m a note. Merge. I’m a note. I burst into orgasm and its bright essence encased me.

As Daniel pounded, I became the notes ripped off the sheet music and dangling in the air.

Sounds subsided and my body stilled. Daniel scooped me up in his arms and settled us on the sofa. I snuggled in his lap and he stroked my hair.

“What was that last note?”

“That was my favorite, a G.”

“Well, if I were a note, then I’d be a G.”

“You were a gorgeous one.”

“You put a lot of effort into this little project.”

“Was it worth it babe?”

“Best orgasm ever. I think I like jazz saxophone. That last piece was phenomenal. What’s it called?”

Daniel chuckled.

“It’s called, Give Me More of that G Note.”

“Yeah, right.” I wrapped my arms around him and fell asleep.

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