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His Ass Bucked Hardwood

Installment #6 of A Service House Story Click HERE to read from the beginning.

Every trainee packed the room on teaching night at the house. As the most senior trainer, Lowell Anderson led the lecture. However, at this moment, it remained difficult to grasp that idea because Orlando loomed large over him. Orlando wasn’t supposed to be here. His dominance and presence called to me like it always did. But at this moment, there in front of me, the event overshadowed my thoughts, and it felt odd to experience Orlando’s attentions focused on someone else.

Bound to the massive wooden table, Lowell’s body was splayed out, with each arm and each leg to a table corner. This position served to highlight the steely lines of an intriguing masculine physique. Orlando’s hand was attached to Lowell’s hard, enormous cock and he worked it like a master magician. The connection hypnotized me. Lowell’s cock and Orlando’s hand were wet and slick. The wet slaps resonated around the room. When Orlando applied pressure around the circumference of Lowell’s erection, my pussy clenched.

What was the point here? Bring him to a pleasure point and stop? Teach him a lesson? Explore the mind-body relationship? I had so much to learn. 

No one in the room breathed while Lowell pumped his erection into Orlando’s fist atop the platform. I watched living art. His back bowed, and his taut, muscular body lifted upward, Lowell’s pelvis searched for more of Orlando’s hand. His ass bucked the hardwood table before every upstroke. When Orlando eased up on his grip, Lowell pushed higher seeking to get all he could. As Orlando let go of Lowell’s cock, he locked his gaze on me.

As I focused on him, my eyelids blinked, and then blinked again, while I considered the orgasm denial and the tormenting tease I had witnessed Orlando providing. I felt this experience as if it occurred on my skin. Lowell thrashed on the table, his breathing labored, as he recognized there would be no orgasm. His face told the story, clenched jaw and eyes squeezed shut indicating his physical distress.

Had I looked like that?

This interaction in the room stirred something deep inside me. Blowing out his breath, Lowell turned his head to see what had caught Orlando’s attention. Now two sets of eyes scrutinized me. Trapped between two different and intense desires, I quivered in place.

A sly smile formed on Lowell’s lips. “Periwinkle, you are up next.”

Fury raced across Orlando’s face. I didn’t know why, but he flinched and pursed his lips together and looked away. Two trainees stepped in front of Orlando and unfastened Lowell’s arms and legs; the buckles clanked on the table. He motioned for me to take my place.

As I moved closer, Lowell and the trainees blocked my view of Orlando, but I could sense him. I couldn’t get in trouble with him again, but I haven’t done anything wrong. He is not happy. I sat my naked self on the table. Lowell stood in front of me, his hard body, erect penis, and aroused man scent enveloped me.

“Go ahead, Periwinkle, stroke it. See how hard Orlando made me.”

I swallowed and placed my palm around his girth and then closed my fingers around it. Raw masculine power rested in my hand. Lowell looked down to our connection.

“Periwinkle, Orlando can be a bastard on withholding. He’s the opposite of me; I’m about giving. Stroke me.”

I moved my hand up and down. Lowell leaned into me placing both hands on either side of my thighs. My heart rate increased as his breath lingered on my ear. He pulled on my neck ribbon with his teeth.

“Don’t stop. Do I feel good, Periwinkle?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What did you feel as you watched Orlando fist me?”

Was this a trap? I know I am going to get in trouble, one way or the other. I’m sure he felt the tremble of my hand.

“I don’t know what you mean, sir?”

“Ignore Orlando. I am in charge of training tonight. Have you ever felt what you think I felt when he stopped the action on my cock?”

I closed my eyes and thought back to the pleasure/punishment session. Most trainees received orgasmic ecstasy, but I received punishment.

“Yes, sir. The punishment session aroused me, but I was told not to have an orgasm.”

“Yes, and?”

“The entire situation awakened me even with no touch. I ached to have an orgasm.”

“Did you think I was, too?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I was,” he whispered. “We are going to take care of that ache tonight, for both of us. We are more in sync than you know.”

He backed away from me, breaking the hold I had on his penis.

“Everyone, tonight we will experience pleasure derived from a deep aching, in the body and the mind. Periwinkle, please take the X position on the table.”

As I lay across the table, hands at each extremity worked to secure me. The table was harder than I imagined.

“Get with your trainee partner and prepare for mutual masturbation. Periwinkle and I will lead the pairing.”

Nothing about this could be good, could it?

Even though Orlando was out of my sight from this position, I know that there is animosity between him and Lowell, which worried me. This situation would not serve me well.

“Periwinkle, tonight intense pleasure with a magic wand is yours. As your orgasm approaches, you will turn your head and take my cock. My orgasm will be yours, too.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I want the table circled with pairs so that we all can experience the sights, sounds, aromas, and tastes of the sexual energy in the room. Dominique and Sable, I charge you with wand duty. Make it gratifying.”

Each one of them moved to the sides of the table with a wand in hand.

“Everyone enjoy.”

As bodies shifted, sighs and moans echoed around me. I heard the click of the wand motor and Lowell stationed himself by my head.

“Little one, I’m going to give you what Orlando never will.” He leaned over me and stroked my face and to my surprise he kissed me. That kiss held passion and heat and just like when Lowell lifted off the table to reach for more from Orlando, my head responded by lifting up to Lowell. He tasted like mint and lust. As our tongues searched and stroked, Lowell pinched my nipples, and the trainees applied vibrations to my vulva and clit. It was the perfect combination. My body was on fire. I memorized every detail of pleasure and savored it all. I was an instrument that three people played brilliantly. When I thought I couldn’t take more pleasure, I did. This affair began to erase the recall of orgasm denial. I was high and in another dimension when my orgasm approached, and Lowell traded his tongue for his cock. I sucked it as if my life depended on it. At one moment I thought maybe he would take it away, and I hurried.

The sound in the room was deafening, it was one giant orgasm. With two vibrators playing between my legs, my nipples twisted, and Lowell’s hard cock on the verge of spurting, my orgasm rumbled through me. Everything in my world intensified as my body shook and I sucked and swallowed, then sucked and swallowed some more. I couldn’t get enough of Lowell. A little bell went off in my head, and I heard Orlando’s words. “Would it be this good without experiencing denial?”

Spent, I stared up at the ceiling acutely aware of the leather around my hands and feet and the bones of my back pressed into the hardwood.

Lowell touched my hair and caught my earlobe between his fingers. His words were as light as his touch. “We are the better pair, Periwinkle.”

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