Mar 27

Heading into the Fire

This story began with The Calendar Man. This is episode four of the firefighter’s adventure with his yoga-mat mate.

Todd and I were about to negotiate what we would do next when his fire call alarm surprised us. I thought he had the weekend off. Todd grunted, rolled off the bed and called the station dispatch, which brought an end to our kinky games.

“Macy, I didn’t mean for things to end like this.” He jumped into a pair of sweats and pulled a shirt on.

“I understand. How long will you be, Todd?”

“When they want more backup, time is a big unknown.”

Todd moved around the room gathering his keys and phone. As he reached the door, he looked back at me. Todd’s gaze stirred me up as it did during his stage performance. After the erotic number he finished dancing for me, it seemed we were on the same kinky page.

“I have to go. Can you stay?”

Did I want to stay? It had been a while since I’ve had such an open, naughty connection.

“Maybe I will.”

“Don’t tease me if you don’t mean it, not after what we shared.”

Had the fire call and our sex activities primed him? Intensity dripped off him like melting wax from a hot candle.

“Okay. I’ll stay.”

“Make yourself at home. I have no secrets here. Look for anything you need. I’ll be back later, Macy.”

After Todd left, I threw on my button-down shirt over my leather strappings and went to the kitchen to clean up after our meal and put the food away. The aroma reminded me how talented Todd was as a chef. The fresh scent of the cut strawberries still lingered. They made my mouth water, so did thinking about Todd.

I sauntered around his living room. His space had that moved in look, sparse but neat. Picture frames on the floor leaned against the walls, awaiting their time to be hung.

I picked up the rest of my sex toy offerings from the couch and headed toward the bedroom. As I entered the room, I ran my fingers along the bedframe picturing what I’d just done with Todd. An unusual sensation washed over me. I was comfortable here.

Identity comfortable. Exploration comfortable.

This place felt right. Todd felt right. That rarely happened.

I sat on the bed and grabbed the butt plug and lube. The smooth, dense metal resonated in my hands as if sending me a vibratory note. I had bought this for Todd, but now I wanted it for me. I wanted to discover what it was like to feel him with the plug inside me. As I stripped off the shirt, I considered my trussed-up leather. When I dominated others, I wore this, but not for self-play. My need was for skin and steel alone. While I unfastened my leather buckles, I pictured Todd laying on the bed following every movement I made. Did he understand his gazes caressed me?

After I undressed, I centered myself on the bed with my plug and lube beside me. What would Todd think of me using his space without him?

But he was here, his presence anyway. It was clear when I rolled face down. I smelled him on the sheets. As I moved my body over the bed linens, I spread Todd’s essence all over me. I was like a dog who rubbed herself on the ground in something inviting. It spurred me on. I squirted a handful of lube in my hand and smeared in on my asshole and then onto the plug. Hiking my ass up in the air I struck a downward dog yoga pose. Then I dropped to my knees and spread my legs so I could center the plug. I teased myself with the tip, dipping it inside, wondering how he would tease me with it? I inhaled a deep breath and sucked in his strong scent through my nose. Had I manufactured him in the room?

“That ass looks great in yoga class, but here it is a sight to behold.”

Caught in the act, I froze in place. When I turned my head, I met blazing eyes and a tented pair of sweatpants.

“What happened with the fire?”

“They called me off. Had enough volunteers.” He squatted beside the bed level with my face. “Maybe they knew I had a fire here that needed tending.”

“It is hot.” I licked my lips and pressed the butt plug up and down my butt crack.

“I’m not sure I want to douse these flames, fanning them would be so much better.”

“Well Mr. Firefighter, let’s discuss the protocol for working this blaze.” I pushed the tip of the plug inside me and moaned. His mouth puckered and he blew out air.

“My first assessment is that your equipment looks to be state-of-the-art, but I’m interested in your application processes.” He bit his lip before he continued speaking. “I’ll focus on monitoring your efforts, and then we’ll discuss protocol.”

“Hmmm. Monitoring, huh? Todd, do you need any special gear, so you don’t get burned?”

He laughed. “I’m a fire professional. I have all the skills, knowledge, and equipment for your fire. Now, continue so I can monitor.”

Continue on with Tending the Home Fire.

Writing for Masturbation Monday. Hop over to the website and check out this week’s prompt and all the lovely smutty stories.


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  1. Kayla Lords

    More please!!!! I like them as a couple!

    1. drjauthor

      You and Mischa may be the best fans of these two! Thank you!

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