Mar 25

Ginger’s Scent of French

“I thought we were going to the foreign flick called Ginger’s Scent of French.” Daria read the marquee, “Best Porn in Town.”

Annie laughed. “Sometimes your brain amazes me. I told you we were choosing between Ginger’s Wet Dreams, Scent of Sex, and French Orgy.”

“No, I remember. There was no mention of porn.”

“But, you agreed I picked the next when and where for sex. Here we are.”

Annie was so much more adventuresome than Daria but she wanted to please her.

“Come on Daria. It’s not about the movie. It’s about the people who sit together in individual orgies, enjoying the sex vibes, while we create our own.”

“Yeah, I know. Okay, people…sexy styles.”

“So which movie?”

Daria giggled and shook her head. “Who cares? I’m seeing Ginger’s Scent of French.”

They purchased tickets and selected seats. When the lights lowered, couples eased in to the right and left of them. The movie heated up with licking and probing of cunts on screen and in the audience. The women on either side of them wanked like it was an art and a science. Daria sizzled, enveloped with the movie’s surround sound and the sexy, musky scents from the wet skin slapping. Wanting a taste of sex, she pinched Annie’s nipple causing her to jump. She threw Daria a hopeful expression and grabbed Daria’s face in her hands. Shifting closer, Daria sucked her lips. Daria’s eye lids popped up when a hand tugged her skirt, baring her pussy. Annie knew she was about to bolt, so she anchored her mouth to Daria’s with a long, hard kiss. Then she squeezed out one desperate word. “Please.”

Daria’s moment of truth arrived in the dark theatre. She shut out the good girl thoughts and focused on Annie.

Taking on a starring role, Daria licked Annie’s nipples while mystery hand stroked her own swollen labia and throbbing clit. When Daria shoved her fingers in Annie’s panties, she discovered another set of fingers, which ignited a passion explosion.

Daria and Annie leaned toward one another. The hum of a vibrator commenced behind Daria and after it touched her skin, it slid into her pussy. She gasped as the toy entered her. Wasting no time, she rode it. Annie drove her tongue into Daria’s mouth and sucked herself into an orgasm, moaning loudly. Daria’s body quaked with a potent orgasm. The buzzing stopped when the vibrator slipped out of Daria. She stroked Annie’s arms and kissed her softly, knowing this was the highlight of all her sexual experiences.

Audience members left quickly. The couple repositioned their clothes before the lights came up. Holding hands, they exited the theatre.

“What did you think of the movie, Daria?”

“I’d recommend Ginger’s Scent of Sex. What about you?”

“That may be my all-time, favorite, porn movie. Weren’t Jess and Jan phenomenal?”


“Aaaaah, you know, our costars.”

Daria stopped. “Did you arrange this?”

Annie winked. “I’ll never tell.”

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