Apr 18

Geared Up

Jeb rolled over, reached behind me and palmed my naked ass as he scooted back into the s-shape of my body. He woke me and in my sleepy haze, I could feel his fingers move slightly. I couldn’t decide if it was an overture.

In my sleep grogginess, his sexual play with George entered my mind. Jeb had been laid out across crisp, white sheets and George was on his knees at the end of the bed with his hands on Jeb. I wasn’t surprised. I had requested a threesome, and they agreed, but I knew they were uncomfortable with each other. I was peeved they had begun without me but catching them made me horny. They had no clue I enjoyed the show.

Wide awake, I replayed the scene over in my head and let my sexual desire take me. Watching the guys pleasure each other with their hand jobs was instructive, and I wanted to try out what I learned. I got into the rhythm. It started in my head, and then my body matched it with slight undulations of my pelvis.

In his sleep, Jeb responded, and we rocked back and forth together. I knew he was awake when his hand began to push my ass forward into him. I wanted to be closer. My hard nipples rammed into his back. I pushed his hand away as I snaked my arm around the front of his body and scraped his nipples. He groaned.

“Sal that feels good.”

My hand dropped lower, and I stroked his cock. “I want to explore your body like George did.” He tensed and shifted. I had caught him by surprise, so I held him in place.

“Hey, no problems, I know I asked for a threesome. You two decided to get to know each other early. It made me horny.” He relaxed back down on the bed and reached for my butt again.

“You’re not mad?”

“No, not exactly. Can I show you what I learned?”

“Yeah, have at it.”

Crawling over him, I pushed him flat on his back. He grinned. I pushed his legs apart and knelt between them. He shoved the pillow under his head, and his arms were flat by his sides. I had his full attention. I licked my lips and placed one hand on his penis and the other hand on his balls.

“I liked how he touched you. Was it his grip, Jeb? Did George grip you like this?”

Jeb bucked up off the bed.

“Yeah. He had a firm grip like that.”

I mimicked George’s action. Watching him work Jeb’s penis made me think of a gearshift in a sports car. It was my turn to move him through the gears, revving him up.

“He pulled you back and stroked you all the way down and then he stroked you back up pushing your penis toward your stomach.” Jeb threw his head back as his body rose off the bed. “I must be doing it right. You threw your head back like that when George did it.”

“Yeah, Sal. You couldn’t get more right. It feels great.”

“You got a little reprieve when he stroked you up, and then he dropped your penis on your stomach with a small thud.”

“Ah, yeah.”

I pretended to be George exploring Jeb for the first time, noting his reactions, his likes. The exploration turned me on. Jeb loved it and apparently wanted more. He moaned so loudly that I never heard the door open. The bed shifted, hands grabbed my ass, and an erection settled between my cheeks.

“Sal, did Jeb tell you I was spending the night so we could surprise you this morning?”

I slowed my strokes on Jeb. “I guess morning has arrived. It looks like you two are getting the surprises today.”

“What’s that mean Sal?”

“I have been showing Jeb what I learned from you two this afternoon.”

“You saw us?” His voice echoed surprise.

“No worries you naughty man. I was into it. I’ve been practicing your strokes on Jeb. They work well.”

“Jeb is pretty sensitive and receptive.”

“Show me that stroke you did near his tip with quick little motions.”

Sal moved to Jeb’s side as George took Jeb’s penis in hand.

“Like this?”

“Oh yeah, just like that,” said Jeb.

Jeb blew out a breath, arched his back, and clutched the sheets. His thighs twitched as George held him in a steady idle with quick strokes to his tip.

“Oh, you two are so hot together. Okay, George, now go down on him.” Jeb’s eyes loomed largely.

“Naaaahh,” George stuttered. “Our plan was all about what we would do with you. This hand stuff was just a warm up.”

“Well, now it’s the real thing. You started without me, so this is how it’s playing out. George, you go first with Jeb. After that, I’m going down on George while you lick his balls, Jeb.”

The guys stared at me, not moving.

“George, come on. Back to stroking, I want to see you both hot and bothered.” I pinched my nipples and leaned over and kissed Jeb, then sucked his bottom lip.

“That’ll teach you guys not to start without me.”

I pushed my thumb in Jeb’s mouth, and he sucked. With my other hand, I swatted George’s ass.

“Mouth, penis now. Our little threesome has officially started.”

I popped two fingers in my mouth and got them dripping wet. As George bent over to take Jeb’s penis, I ran my wet fingers down his ass crack and wiggled them right where I wanted to go. His whistling intake of air spurred me on.

“I guess I’m going to find out how receptive you are, too George.”

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