Jan 30

Fire Dance

Those leather bindings got my brain going with this week’s picture on Masturbation Monday. I shared them with Macy and Todd. Here is their episode three. Start from the beginning with The Calendar Man.

Who the hell was this woman?

I undressed, heeding Macy’s words.

“Todd, where’s your bedroom?”

I nodded toward the hall. She gathered her bag and some of her items.

“Be ready, when I call you.”

Ready. Ready for what?

“I figure the further away I am from you, means you can get the cock rings on. Both of them. And then, I’m binding your balls.”

Like that idea didn’t make me hard. I stared into the kitchen to defocus and soften my stiff dick. It took a few minutes, but with enough lube, I got the silicone and the metal ring on my cock.

“Walk this way, big boy.”

The minute I heard her commanding voice, I got hard, again. I strutted down the hall like I was going into a fire. I would take what she had to give me and leave it all there.

Holy hell. Macy had changed clothes. I could never see her in her yoga outfit after this view. Leather straps pulled and twisted around her breasts, down her middle and strapped around her legs. I’d seen no one trussed up this way before.

“Nice antique metal bed frame, Todd. This bell-shaped footboard will make a great prop. You’ll look good with it as your backdrop for dancing.”


“Yeah, a little fire dance. Can’t you feel it in your balls? Ah, you can’t. I haven’t bound them yet.” She walked around me and swatted my ass with her crop. “Are you ready?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Safe word?”


“You have done this before. Well, that is a tasty treat. Papaya it is. Now rest your arms on top that tall footboard and hold tight.” The cold metal bit into my skin the way I knew her work with that crop would.

“Yes, ma’am.”

She nailed me with her gaze and smiled. “I’m not that strict. Call me M.”

“Yes, M.”

“Have you experienced a crop before?”

“Yes, M.”

“You like the pain for pleasure don’t you, Todd?”

“Yes, M.”

“Good, I will get started.” She dragged the head of the crop down my skin.  It skimmed along seducing me, and pleasure emerged on her face. M. flicked her wrist and struck my nipple.  I relished the sting on my skin and the satisfaction on her face.

“The spice you were looking for, Todd?”

“Yes, M.”

“If it’s more than you can take, Papaya it is.”

“Yes, M.”

“Let’s get this fire dance going.”

She bent down and twisted the silicone band binding my balls, and I rose on my toes. The resulting tightness was familiar and precisely what I had hoped. This was how I experienced my chest when I raced into a fire. But from my crotch, it would expand throughout my body easily. Would she allow me the release to feel it spread?

“I’ll make it good, Todd.” She must have read my mind.

She swatted me in the perfect places on my body and then stroked my cock and strangled balls. My pulse got larger and louder.

“Hold off as long as you can, Todd. We want a big finish.”

As I clutched the bed frame, my feet danced moving back and forth responding to her snaps. My chest was as tight as my boys below. M. had established a rhythm, just like in yoga class. I dropped into it and followed her lead. I wailed and grunted. I tasted my searing heat and smelled fiery arousal in the room. When I thought I couldn’t dance to it anymore, she cleared her throat.

“I’ve wanted my mouth on you ever since your stage performance. Let me have it, Todd.” With one last swat, I erupted. M rewarded me with her hot mouth and warm tongue taking my fire. She tongued the metal ring, pumping and pulling my cock until I was spent. I slumped against the bedframe. She pressed her body against mine, grating her leather against my skin imprinting me with one last gesture.

“Let’s get on the bed? I need to see my work. I love marks.”

“I want the rings off, too.”

After I plopped on the bed, M sat on my thighs and gently removed the cock rings. She planted a kiss on my cock.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d go for this Todd. All those days watching you in yoga got me riled up.”

“If I’d known this was a possibility, I’d have been more direct.”

“I don’t know.”

“Yeah, I didn’t pick up on these vibes.”

Macy chuckled. “I might not have planned this, if not for your stage dance. I’ve enjoyed how all the dancing parts played out.”

“Now you know I like to play with fire. If you are considering a more permanent dance partner, M., I’m your guy.”

“We could set up a practice schedule and go over our favorite steps.”

“Name the time and place, and I’m there.”

“You’re on, Todd.”

“But M, for now, you had some other items we could play with.” I waggled my brow.  “And if you want my fire gear, I have some games for you to play too.”

Read the next installment: Heading into the Fire.


And for other smutty Monday goodness. Hop over to Masturbation Monday, check out the pic and read away.



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  1. Posy Churchgate

    Very hot – I read all 3 and I didn’t guess that she was a fem dom either! 3 great scenes

    1. Dr. J.

      Thank you, Posy. For reading and commenting. xo

  2. Kayla Lords

    I think they both should have been more direct, lol. And I can’t wait to see how he reciprocates. 😀

    1. Dr. J.

      Begs the question why they weren’t???? Yes, reciprocation. Hmmm.

  3. John Brownstone

    This is turning into a 3-alarm story with all the heat.

    1. Dr. J.

      I think so, JB.

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