Mar 12

Fangirling in Fernandina

It has been one month since I posted a blog.

There has been a lot happening in my life. In the first two weeks of February, I prepared for my guests who visited the last two weeks of February. My focus for the first two weeks of March was dedicated to my root canal. I will gloss right over that and move on to my discussion.

The Amelia Island Book Festival

February marked the 17th Annual Amelia Island Book Festival. Adriana Trigiani was the keynote speaker for the Kick-Off Luncheon. David Baldacci introduced her as “his Italian sister,” and the fireworks began.

What can I say about the presentation? Inspiring. Humorous. Timely.

What were my favorite takeaways?

  1. Women purchase 73% of books yet only 2% of movies produced by women.
  2. Own your all-female family history, yours, your mom’s, and your grandmothers.
  3. Stop with the divide and conquer of women. On all fronts.
  4. “Handy is the new sexy.”
  5. Take credit for your accomplishments.

I attended presentations by Steve Berry, Jennifer Armentrout, and Lee Child, of Jack Reacher fame.

I showcased Best Women’s Erotica and Big Book of Submission books in my hands at the local authors’ segment. Thanks for the picture Andrea Patten. As my fellow authors were pitching their work in the middle school library, I remained cognizant of my location, audience, and my neighborhood. My focus stayed on my local status as an Executive Board Member of our local writing group, Writers By The Sea an arm of the Florida Writers Association. But I said my writing was hot and spicy.

Taking in the book festival with my local author buddies and editors is a treat. Thanks to Andrea Patten, Nancy Blanton, Darryl Bollinger, and Heather Whitaker for making it extra fun. Meeting and spending time with Adriana Trigiani, Jennifer Armentrout, Steve Berry and Liz Berry-cofounder of 1001 Dark Nights was surreal and moving.

Attending book festivals, even if it is not in your genre, is an awe-inspiring event. It motivates on so many levels. Our Amelia Island Book Festival focuses on literacy, and the funds raised go to buying a book for every child in our county. On the Festival Friday, authors of the books that the media specialists selected, go into the classrooms where their books landed. The children get a program along with a question-and-answer session with the author. David Baldacci talked with two high school classes. He mentioned that if he inspired one child, he did his job.

The students take part, too. The middle and high school students can write to prompt for competition and inclusion in the published works. I watched them receive their awards, and the students’ excitement moved me.

Podcast Surprise

Kayla Lords made my week when she told me I would be the second read on the new Masturbation Monday Podcast. The story she chose has been one of the most read on my website. Rein Me In. Kayla supports and helps with all aspects of our smutty writing. I am proud she is in my tribe. I’m honored she selected me to be read by the magnificent John Brownstone on this new podcast. The inaugural story is by my lovely Sister in Smut, Mischa Eliot. Take a listen to her story. It’s called Bound.

See you for the next blog. It’ll probably be hot and spicy!

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