Feb 09

Dr. J.’s Collaborations

I enjoy week’s where I collaborate with other writers.

This week I had three such adventures.
First, Nick Tanek asked me to suggest authors who would answer questions about BDSM erotica. I looked to my Sister in Smut, Mischa Eliot, and my Wicked Pens Colleague, Nia Farrell for their specific thoughts. What I appreciate about Nick’s perspective is that he works in a supportive community. That is an essential theme for my fellow authors and me. We work to build each other up. Check out what got covered in Nick’s blog this week.

Our BDSM Erotica Author Friends by Nicolas Tanek

Second, I picked the Top Three entries for Wicked Wednesday this week. The theme was Rainbow. Go read the 21 posts I read and see what your choices are. Mine will be up tomorrow on their website.

Wicked Wednesday Prompt #297: Rainbow.

Last, exciting things happening on my home front. My sisters in smut, Mischa Eliot, and Oleander Plume are working up a LIVE meet. We began creating plans for them to come to sunny Florida to distract them from large amounts of snow. When this event occurs, I hope time stands still so I can savor every moment. We are considering the numerous pictures we could organize to document our time together. The other exciting part is who else nearby may join us.



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  1. Mischa Eliot

    Waiting is the hard part but having a goal helps!

    1. Dr. J.

      But I love having something this BIG to look forward to, M.

  2. Oleander Plume

    I already started packing. Too soon? LOL

    1. Dr. J.

      Never! Did you realize our initials can spell MOD or DOM????

      1. micahward

        Can I play? I know where to get great beer and cool pajajmas.

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