Jul 13


Kate leaned over her computer and re-read the Service House email. An unscheduled, but mandatory, meeting was slated for tonight. Punishment would be doled out for misbehavior. Her breath caught in her throat. Closing her eyes, she took a calming breath. This event is about me. She had misbehaved with Orlando and Jason. Kate knew what she had agreed to in the process of training at Service House. What would happen now? Orlando’s words echoed in her head. “You used your tongue without permission.” She sighed remembering Jason’s comment. “Not against the rules, but frowned upon.”

She pulled out her contract and read what she had agreed to. Oh, my. The seriousness of her infraction settled into her mind. I displeased him. Kate, no, Periwinkle must wrap her head around what she had done and own it.

As she left her home for the meeting, she shivered. Her bare street carried an ominous feel and the night world shadows spoke of her hidden life. They cloaked many things, as did she. No one could guess she had joined The Service House. If they did would they know why? Was it because she met Jason? Or the women? She admitted to herself she lived a shadow life.

When she arrived at The Service House, the training instructor commanded his usual spot on the floor.

“Good evening, everyone. As part of training, which we take seriously, our staff decided to make clear with this group our expectations of you.” The lone voice echoed in the room. It was as if a vacuum sucked out all the air. Nervous energy floated aimlessly throughout the space.

“Would the trainees, take their place against the wall?”

With everyone’s neck ribbon neatly affixed and the ribbon tails waving like little flags, they represented the rainbow spectrum. Their beautiful bodies stood naked in the service position.

“Tonight we have planned a two-fold event, pleasure, and punishment. If you have pleased your trainer, you will receive pleasure. If you displeased your trainer, you would receive punishment. The processes will occur simultaneously.” Periwinkle’s knees shook, and she hoped no one saw.

“Trainers take your place with your trainee and explain your recommendations.”

Periwinkle wanted to flee, but Orlando loomed over her larger than life and more beautiful than all the trainers there. She wanted desperately to serve him.

“Periwinkle, you have two infractions.” He dipped his head breaking their eye contact, and she observed a frown.  She wanted him to touch her, but she knew that was out of the question. “For you, knowing you displeased me isn’t enough; your behavior must be corrected. You have taken pleasure twice without permission. Today, I will deal with your telephone indiscretion, and the other transgression will be addressed at our next meeting. Do you understand why you are being punished?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you accept punishment?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Periwinkle, when you allow me to know what is best for you, a sneak to take pleasure will never occur. I will always reward you for pleasing me.” Periwinkle worked hard to keep her lip from trembling. “Do you accept receiving your punishment in front of this audience?”

She nodded yes.

“You please and honor me in understanding the value of our process. Come this way.”

Orlando walked her to the interior of the large room to one of four, round beds.

“Please sit in the middle of the bed, Periwinkle.” She scooted to the center and awaited further instructions. Her stomach quivered. Orlando produced a blindfold and leaned into the bed to secure it over her eyes.

“I expect you to take your punishment in stride, Periwinkle. Now lie back and don’t move after I position your body. Under no circumstances may you orgasm.”

“Yes, sir.” With her arms flat on the bed, Orlando bent her elbows and slid her hands under the small of her back. He pushed her knees up so that her feet touched her ass.

After he had left her in the center of the bed, she lay there and considered her actions. Isn’t that what you did when you misbehaved?

Murmuring alerted her to movement and then the bed jostled when others piled on. They were close to her body, but they weren’t touching her. She could feel the heat of the bed’s group like a warm air bubble around her. There was a long silence before she heard the click. One by one, she heard the hums commence, in a sequence all around the bed until she was at the center of the humming. Magic wands—nothing else made that sound. Her imagination ran rampant. Periwinkle struggled to hold still amidst the smell of arousal, the taste of her wet mouth, the weight of her body holding down her hands, the whimpers of pleasure and the vivid picture it all created in her mind. If she hadn’t misbehaved, she would be receiving the pleasure now, not the punishment.

He did know her well. She was an exhibitionist. She would have loved to accept this pleasure shared with the other trainees and displayed for all the trainers. Instead, she was denied, all at her own selfish doing.

She wiggled her fingers and dug into the bed for relief. There would be none for her. She had never experienced anything as exciting and sexy as knowing the trainers not only watched but some participated in the group’s orgasms. Then disappointment hit her when she remembered that she would have no enjoyment.

“Feel free to make noise with your orgasms.”


The moans erupted, and Kate squeezed her eyes shut tight behind the blindfold. It was as if she expected her eyes to cut off the sensations to her body. This punishment was more painful than she ever imagined. Biting her lip, she drew blood. She was denied her orgasm as punishment, and he couldn’t have picked a better penalty. She kept her whimpers to herself.

“Move with the pleasure.”


The others bumped the bed and bounced her around as they writhed in pleasure. The smell of sex permeated every air molecule in the room. Kate hovered in the crack between receiving and denying. She breathed with ragged breaths attuned to every nuance of sex while she simultaneously distanced herself from it.

“Orgasm, now.”


She left The Service House alone and silent in her punishment, as it should be. Arriving back on her dark, narrow street, the shades of her night taunted her.

This story is written for Molly Moore’s picture found on WICKED WEDNESDAY . Click here to read more wicked stories.

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