Sep 11

Creativity Sat in the Middle of Hurricane Irma

For two years, much of my life has lived in U-Haul boxes. The month before last, I moved into my new house, and I began to unbox. When I evacuated for Matthew last year, I couldn’t see the things that were in all those boxes, plus I had no idea where anything was located. This time as Irma came raging through, my belongings had new places in my home. Many items were out of the boxes, but not all. I stood looking at my possessions attempting to decide what I would carry with me in my Prius. So, what did I choose?

1-My computer. It is a Lenovo Yoga, a birthday gift and only two weeks old. It is my lifeline for my writing and has everything I need for doing that. It is also the newest lightest computer I’ve ever had. I’m beginning to fall in love with it.

2-My knitting tools and two current projects. These knitting tools are items that I have collected since 1982. The projects, socks for the men I love. Sentimental value aside, they are the things that assisted me in creating many creations for myself, family, and friends.

3-My most favorite pieces of jewelry, handmade. But the most cherished jewelry was a new piece that my friends Mischa Eliot and Oleander Plume also have. It’s not really what it is but what it means. Little, colorful tie-dyed bands have been my rock, my connection to my life outside the island. A source of strength, comfort, and love. I carried them with me.

I looked at these three groupings and realized that I value creativity. My tools of creation and tools of inspiration resonant with me. Those things represent movement and life force energy.

My heart traveled with me. That man is a rock, and we now have had another life adventure. It doesn’t get better than that.

Thoughts did turn to what I left behind. I couldn’t reach my picture albums, so they stayed. When I get home, I’ll find the wedding and baby albums, place them in safety go-bags, and store them in a place to be ready to leave for the next evacuation.

In preparation of losing the house and home I just created, I said goodbye. We were just settling into it and enjoyed the idea of the future fun we would have there. I hunted for a silver lining in this scenario. If the house goes away, I’ll get to tweak the floor plan design.

As I typed this sentence, I received a text from a neighbor who said my house looks good. We shall see. My shoulders dropped.

Maybe the crisp and vivid rainbow on the way to evacuation point two was a good omen. Maybe the good thoughts and wishes of family and friends helped the process. Maybe the kindness of my friends who offered to take us in sealed a good deal. Either way, I am on the other side of Hurricane Irma ready to see what the next adventure will be.

Thank you to all who reached out to me. Your kind words and thoughts uplifted a weary soul.

My heart goes out to all those not as fortunate as I am. I will be looking for ways I can help to ease their pain and suffering.


So far there are four great erotic storylines born from this event!


  1. Mischa Eliot

    How dare you make me cry! *sniffles* I’m honestly glad that you and everyone are okay. I don’t know what I would do without you and all of the wonderful people you have forced to meet me via skype. Are they in therapy yet? Am I going to be billed for it? Ha… Love and Laughter and more Silver Linings!

    1. Dr. J.

      You make me cry, too! xoxox

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