Jul 21

Create It

“Is this a fucking test?” I slammed the phone down. How am I supposed to do this? They didn’t tell me I needed a female model in the shoot. This new ad agency guy expected me to make something from nothing.

Across the room, Alphonse snickered and shook his head at George. As the creative director for this erotic photo shoot, I had to come up with an idea and fast. I was not losing this job or the ones that could come from it. My panic over this work situation nearly choked me.

“Ellie, I am willing to do anything for you. Use me however you want,” said Alphonse.

He would, too. He’s wanted me since the day we first started working together. It looked like he would get his chance.

Okay, I will have to do this myself. It hasn’t been that long since I modeled. I can pull this off, I think.

“George, you’re dismissed for the shoot.” He nodded and headed for the door.

“Alphonse, go over to the prop area, and pick out several exercise bands or jump ropes.”

He thrived for the bondage drill. As he moved to get them, I stripped off my clothes. My nipples hardened the second the air hit them. I turned around to see the delight in his eyes. Lord, help me.

“They want a shot of a female trussed up, ass in the air, you know? Can that work with what we’ve got here?”

“I can think of nothing more fun. I’ll get creative and after—”

“Focus on the shoot, please.”

I positioned myself on the table for his reach.

“Ellie, you will look so good with these colored bands and ropes crisscrossed on your body. Have you ever had someone bind you before?”

I exhaled and kept the sigh to myself.


He stroked my shoulder.

“I promise you’ll look good when I get you set up. The photographer will be pleased.”

As Alphonse worked, I gave myself over to the predicament. I needed to be at the moment to capture the essence of the experience for the picture.

“Ellie, once I get you tied, I want you to consider how inviting the view of your ass, and pussy is going to be. My work here is to showcase that, and you know I do it well.”

That’s not where I wanted my thinking. Directing is my job. How would I direct it from this position? I know Alphonse is right, trust him, Em.

The bands stretched but held me in place. Alphonse set them for some interesting pressure points. From the side view, for legs, the thighs and calves were striped together.  The way he had massaged my skin before he secured the binding on me, reminded me of a contractor, laying a foundation to build. Alphonse was building a structure of me.

The pose for the shoot included him, in jeans and a bare chest. He used that bare chest and corded arms all over my skin as he worked to bind me up. His skin to skin touching was seductive. When he finished, I could not move, and my sex was on fire. Desire coursed through my body. I didn’t understand it, but I wanted attention on my sex.

“The photographer is coming in for the shot now, Emmie. Was there anything else for positioning?”

“Yes, slap me on my pussy.” Alphonse chuckled.

“You know I can’t do that. We aren’t supposed to activate your sexual senses just highlight them. I will pose like we discussed.”

Emmie bit her lip and put her model work face on as the photographer walked in the room.

“Wow, Emmie, you’ve taken professionalism to a new standard. The client will be pleased with this shoot. You look astounding. Alphonse, I want the light on the right side, so you stand on the left side of her. Any additional position instructions?”

“No, just get on with it. I know what we are doing,” said Emmie.

Alphonse placed his hand on her ass with his fingers almost able to graze her sex. It seared Emmie. Her cocoon state intensified her sexual tension. She was all sensation, a live sexual wire. Have I ever felt such detailed pleasure? Craving more was all she could do.

The lights went down signaling the shoot was over. Voices murmured as the door opened and closed. Alphonse must work with me for a release.

“Emmie, everyone is gone. How are you holding up?”

“I’m needy, but you know that.”

I’d be willing to address your request now?”

The hedonistic part of her answered because she thought this situation might never recur.

“Yes, Alphonse, slap me. Release the energy, let me feel everything.”

Bound tightly she could only absorb his first smack. If she thought she was hot before, she became a blowing volcano.

“Here’s number two.”





“Yee ee ee.”


Emmie believed the slaps were for release, but she learned they were only for buildup.

“What would you like now, Emmie?”

“Fuck me, Alphonse, fuck me.”

He used a ratchet to lower the table. Pushing down his pants, he grabbed handfuls of elastic bands on Emmie’s thighs and pulled her back onto his cock, and he slammed his erection into her. Emmie bounced like a rubber ball. Going for a tighter fit, he reached for the bands around her breasts. Emmie groaned. He pinched the hell out of her nipples and her orgasm ripped through. He rode her hard, and she soaked it all in.

“I’m going to give you an excellent rubdown, Emmie. Maybe you won’t be too mad at me.”

“How could I be mad, Alphonse? That was an outer-body sex experience.”

“Well, the agency sent a female model here today, but I sent her away when she arrived, hoping you would step in.”

“You set me up?”

“Guilty. But I knew you would get into it once you were bound.”

“How could you know that?”

“Really? You think everyone doesn’t know you are a control freak.”

“Well maybe.”

“Sometimes, you just need to let someone have control over you.”

“Is that what you did?”

“As they say, if there’s no way, create one. So, how’d you like it?”

“Can we do it again?”

“Emmie, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you set this up.”

She hid her grin. “You said it yourself; I was all about control.”

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