May 20

Comments to Adrea Kore

As a beginning erotic writer, I am making exciting connections with others in the genre. These authors are wonderfully supportive, kind, and helpful. One of my favorite new writing friends hails from Australia, Adrea Kore. From the other side of my world, her lyrical style and use of metaphor intrigue and move me. I told her, that when my writing grew up, it wanted to be like hers.

This week Adrea made a comment on twitter about a blog post. Because no one left comments, she wondered why it was popular. I read and absorbed her profound words. I have a few thoughts on the post that were bigger than her comment box. I humbly submit this to you, Adrea, with gratitude and admiration.

Comments to Adrea Kore’s post: The Story of O: Writing the Orgasm in Erotica

You give us orgasm poetry, otherworldly and ethereal. You invite us into that gap, the place where few women choose to fully expand into who they are. You provide a platform to seek that place. You offer us orgasms in their truest form, the height of vulnerability and the depth of power.

You take us to a place of joy and unification within the female self, acknowledging the political but giving us access to the personal. You embody the intricate layers of a woman and demonstrate how an orgasm can be lived, experienced, and appreciated, in all of life, not just sex.

Your own orgasm transcends the physical world of technique and efforts. This is best seen in your words, “…that they were more often delicious overlapping waves of different intensities through your entire body? What if, like me, you saw explosions of white light behind your eyelids…?”

You lead us on a journey where personal research and experience demonstrate we can do for ourselves, just as you did; creating what had yet to be made. From the fiber of your being, you crafted yourself for us to see, eloquently described by your words, “I chose to finally focus more consciously on drawing out my thoughts around this idea –writing myself – the stories my body wanted to tell.” I recognize that sentiment. That’s how my first children’s book on sexuality was born.  The vital force of a coupling with inspiration and permission births something new, just as you express.

As a courageous woman, you dared to make the journey into the self. In so doing you melded the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components to explore the vast magnificence of a female sexuality landscape and the power of orgasm. You went there and came back. This is what I believe makes this blog post popular, you provided the result; you delivered the elixir to all of us. May we all be so brave as to follow your lead. You not only shined a light on orgasm, you reflected its essence and beauty through you.

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