Apr 22


No one knew how they named the bar, it was their secret. Sam finished making drinks and Landon and Nate perched at the polished bar ready to taste his latest concoction. The hundred year old cigar scent permeated through the wooden walls and lingered. Combined with the jazz notes and the aroma of alcohol, it took them back.

“Wow, it’s been five years.” Landon slapped Nate’s back. Sam had expected those two would be a couple but it never happened.  Life changed when the trio headed down their own professional paths, but they each appreciated what they’d had together, good friendship, great feelings, and hot sex.

“Well if you two are up for a trip down memory lane, I have a surprise,” said Sam.

“You do?”

“Come on back.  To celebrate our fifth anniversary, I thought we could reenact that notorious bar naming night.”

In the center of the back room sat a long lost friend. Sam had refurbished the infamous swivel stool. The wistful looks from the three of them suggested they were absorbed in the memory. Nate felt bad that he’d broken the stool before Sam got his turn.

“What do you think?” ask Sam.

“You know Sam you are the glue that holds our friendship together. I say it’s your turn,” said Landon.

“I agree with Landon,” said Nate.

“Are you saying it’s my turn on the stool?” Sam was stunned.  He never felt worthy to receive from both of them. They had made his night, maybe his year. His answer was immediate and clear, as he yanked his shirt from his jeans and began unbuttoning. Sam watched them follow suit and quickly the three men filled the room with hard bodies and erections.

“Come on up here Sam,” said Landon as he patted the stool.

Sam centered his back on the stool, his knees splayed and he propped his feet on the stool’s foot rest.

Nate stepped between his legs. “Well, I believe you are ready for this.” He cupped Sam’s balls and licked to the tip of hard penis.  Sam arched off the stool at the touch of the warm tongue.

“You really don’t get how important you are to us, so we’re going to show you.” Landon cradled his head and kissed Sam. The combined sucking action on Sam’s tongue and cock nearly sent him over the edge. Just as he wondered if it could get any better, the connections stopped and the stool swiveled, changing his position.

“This feels incredible, guys.”

Nate took his turn exploring Sam’s mouth while Landon held his balls and sucked his penis. The pleasurable sensations ushered Sam to another dimension. This reality was better than any fantasy he had of their threesome.

“Are you ready to flip over, Sam? We have other areas to explore,” said Landon. He massaged Sam’s ass cheeks inching his thumbs deep in between them. Sam’s breathing hitched.

Nate’s penis nuzzled his face. “You did want a cocktail, right?”

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