Jun 09


Ellen had left the new nipple clips in the bowl on the kitchen bar. These looked more like jewelry with fancy metal balls hanging off the end, definitely not her clothespins. Roger would see them because they always drank beer standing there after golf. Her fantasy was in his hands now and she wondered what he would do. Should I go in the kitchen or wait? The answer was settled when she heard Roger’s voice.

“Hey, Ellen, I’m here with Stan.”

When she arrived in the room, each of them locked their gaze on her.

“Stan thinks you left your hair clips here.” He nodded toward the container and raised an eyebrow.

Ellen had told Roger she wanted to fuck Stan while he watched. She had no idea what conversation they had before she entered the room. Roger perceived her dilemma.

“Stan, those aren’t hair clips. They are nipple clips.”

Stan’s athletic body immediately responded. He sported a grin from ear to ear along with the bulge in his pants which had Ellen wondering about his size.

“You want to see what they look like on her, don’t you?”

“Hell, yeah, if you’re offering.”

Her husband surprised her. “Roger, are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, babe. I think this could be fun. You see Stan, Ellen has a fantasy about being with you and me watching. What do you think?”

His words brought Ellen a new reality and her hard nipples crammed into the lace of her bra. Every sex cell in her body was on high alert, anticipating and hoping for a yes response.

“Roger, being with Ellen would be a dream come true.”

Ellen considered Roger’s words to his friend and they changed her fantasy. “Suppose I wanted you to participate?”

“With you or with Stan?”

“Both, maybe.”

“Let’s see how it goes.”

“I’m for any part,” said Ellen. “The toys and lube are in the bedroom why don’t we go back.”

“Nipple clips on first. Stan, you can do the honors.”

Ellen whipped off her tank top and her large breasts were showcased in a sheer coral bra. Her dark areolas and hard nipples ached for the clips. Roger came around her and unfastened her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. He palmed both her breasts serving them up for fantasy man to affix the clips. He kissed Ellen’s neck and whispered in her ear. “I know this was your choice, but I want you…us, to have a good time with this.” She turned her head and kissed him. The idea that he cradled her from the back, as a hunk of a man faced her, poised to enjoy her body, thrilled Ellen. Her panties were soaked and her shorts probably had a wet spot.

“Stan, give them each a good pinch and those clips will grab on.” Stan fumbled a little but slid the tightening bar and the clips attached sturdily to her nipples. The weights tugged on her and made her feel needy. Grabbing Stan’s hand, she walked backwards to the bedroom pulling him. While the weights dangled and swayed, she saw desire burning in Roger’s face, over Stan’s shoulder. What a turn on.

“What would you like, Stan?”

“Ellen, I’m in your fantasy. Lead away.” She glanced over to Roger.

“Both of you go sit on the bed.” She opened the bedside drawer and took out a bottle of lube.  She dropped it next to the men and then wiggled out of her shorts and panties.

“Clothes off.”

After stripping, Ellen was treated to the view of two hard cocks. She wanted both.

“Sit beside each other, please.”

“Ellen, attend to both of our cocks.” He changed his mind, yes.

Her body hummed, Roger not only joined in, he directed. She gave him a big lick and rubbed her breasts on his erection. The more she administered to Roger the harder Stan got. She knelt at Stan’s feet. She ran her thumbnails up his thighs awaiting his reaction. His penis bobbed twice announcing she was in control. She watched Roger as she licked Stan. He gritted his teeth as if she had her mouth on him instead. He loved her tongue and lips on him. She gave great head and that caused him to speak.

“I want you in my lap while you suck him.” The idea of skin to skin contact with Roger while she devoured Stan got her going. She rose to her knees and Roger got under her and settled her on his lap. He kneaded her breasts and pulled on the clips as she took Stan’s erection in her mouth. Stan’s appreciative vocals filled the room and turned Ellen on. She sucked harder when she felt Roger’s steel rod rubbing her back. It was divine but she wanted more. Popping her mouth off the cock she considered her choices.

“Roger, I’m a dirty girl. How about you lube up and fuck me while I get Stan off.”

“Hell, yes,” said Stan. “Could my day get any better?”

Roger considered her request. She couldn’t decide what he was thinking. Was he changing his mind?

“I’ll lube up, but I’m going to fuck you in the ass. Hop up there with Stan.”

Miss Dirty turned into Miss Naughty and Wicked by asking for it with Stan, but her man took her to the limits. Stan tugged on the nipple clips and refocused her on reality.

“I love these. I will use them well while Roger fucks you.”

Roger lubed his massive erection. “I’m ready, Ellen, service my man Stan with your dirty little mouth.” If his words were teeth they sank into her skin and caused her pussy to throb. Settling onto the mattress she knelt in front of Stan. He had his hands on her breasts and rubbed his face on them. True to his word, he started tweaking the clips. In that moment, she became a dirty slut and she loved it.

As she bent over Stan’s penis, Roger’s hands opened up her ass cheeks. She licked Stan’s penis from top to bottom and then Roger stroked her ass crack the same way. She bobbed slightly on Stan’s penis and Roger prodded her hole using the same pace. Ellen liked this game. Whatever she did to Stan, Roger imitated it on her. Stan realized this and he added movements to her breasts in the same way. She might explode. Her entire body pulsated and ached. Her mouth, her nipples, her clit, her pussy, and her ass were on sexual fire. She opened her mouth and went down as far as she could on Stan and then held him there. He twisted her nipples and held tight as Roger inserted his finger in her ass. These points of connection lit her up. As her mouth came up Stan’s erection, Roger’s engorged penis readied for her and Ellen began piston-like movements on his cock. All motions worked simultaneously. When she went down on Stan, Roger’s cock took her ass and Stan yanked on her nipples clips. She was being used so well and it was better than she hoped. The men’s pleasurable sounds turned her on; Stan’s grunts as his orgasm hit combined with Roger’s groans. All Ellen could do was hum on Stan’s cock as she soaked up the pleasures each provided her.

When she came, she fell forward on Stan’s body and Roger toppled on her. Sandwiched between hard bodies, she inhaled the intoxicating scent of maleness, a testosterone mix with her own sex scent. The weight of Roger’s body grounded her into their sex play. She sighed. Another fantasy made real.

“Damn, Ellen, you are fun. Joan and I would sure love the opportunity to add to this mix.”

Roger rubbed her back and nuzzled her hair. “It’s up to you, baby, but I’m game. How would you like to clip another set of nipples for your pleasure?”

“You know I love choices. Round two?”


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