Aug 02

Chocolate Delight

It’s dreamlike for me, as I float. How do you know my desires so well?  Yes, there, right there.

You play in my secret garden. You tiptoe on a predetermined path as you visit every inch of the landscape. How you begin the journey, tells me what is coming. Today, you surprise me.

The heat of your four fingertips under my left cheek arouses me.

Your thumb executes a specific plan. After circling my clit, it slides up my clitoral body like it is your penis length you stroke. You give me what you want me to have, so different from what I do for myself.

You command me. I move at your whim, a puppet to a puppeteer.

I can’t stop my knees as they shake together, a witness to your mastery. My body rears up to meet you.

What is that? A smell. A taste. It’s something familiar.

I am on the Chicago River, on a boat showcasing the famous architecture of the city. The unforgettable smell hits me. Chocolate. Every molecule of air contains the creamy confection. It consumes me.

My eyelids pop open.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Ray rubs my foot as he sits on the bed.

“I think I’ve been dreaming.”

“You have? Tell me.”

“You were teasing me in some new way to get my attention. And then there was chocolate.”

I sniff.

“There is chocolate.”

“Happy Birthday, Molly. The double boiler’s out. I’m simmering the chocolate for your cake.”

“Yeah, but the chocolate smell is in here,” Ray smiles and ducks his head down continuing to rub my foot and then up my leg.

I throw back the sheet. My naked body houses a birthday surprise. A chocolate heart captures and outlines my bellybutton like I was a finger painting canvas.

“Maybe, I haven’t been dreaming this morning.”

“Maybe, not.” Ray grabs my other foot and drags me down the bed, splaying my legs out, so his body is between them. I see the desire in his eyes and feel lust emanating from his hands.

“Naughty chef. You have made a delightful chocolate mess on me.”

“Shall I clean it up?” He traces the inside of the heart with his finger, careful not to touch the chocolate. The hardened edges pull back a little from my skin and goosebumps flash across my abdomen.

“Yes, please. Do a good job, or there will be a consequence.”

Ray begins the clean-up employing a new technique. He leans in and rubs his scruffy chin from the top of my mound to the bottom of the chocolate heart.

“Oh, my. You are full of surprises today.”

“And with another year, I have to keep surprising you.”

The back side of his hand caresses the inside of my thigh as he exhales his warm breath on my chocolate laced skin. I anticipate his lips, his tongue on my belly but instead his fingers slide through my wetness, showing me he is in charge.

“Oh, yes. You played with me while I was asleep.”

With his hand positioned low, he slipped between my vulva lips so the entire length of his hand, from his wrist to his little finger, rocked up into my heat.

“I wanted you to be ready when the chocolate was ready.” The motion is slow and steady on me as he leans in once more and blows warm air on my skin.

“So you are just a chef, working on the scheduling of the courses.”

“And just like a chef knows food timing, this one knows the art of preparing you.”

“He does?” His thumb presses down on my clit then flutters with staccato-like beats. My pelvis launches off the bed. He does.

“You know I must combine ingredients.” The faster his flutter, the more lubrication seeps out of me. Catching my breath, I hear him say something as his wide, flat tongue runs through my wetness and continues north. The exquisite roughness of his beard brands me again. Then as his tongue finds the chocolate, he inserts his fingers into my potential space filling me up. His tongue swirls chocolate and combines with the clit fluttering as his digits move in and out. The motions combine as my sex scent, and chocolate permeates the room. I hover on the edge of fullness as he pushes into me more and I release all the buildup. My shaking body shatters into pieces like a chocolate bar hitting the floor.

Licking, all I feel is the licking.

I smile and run my fingers through Ray’s hair. It is thick and curly, and I tug his head up by his unruly mop.

“You out did yourself. But I want a birthday kiss.”

“I’m not finished cleaning you up. I might get a punishment.”

I giggle and pull him to me until we are nose to nose. “It would be a penalty you would enjoy.” Watching him suck on his bottom lip, I lean in to taste. I snake my tongue inside searching for his, so I may express my deepest appreciation for his work. When I pull back, there is chocolate on his nose.

“Look at you, Mr. Chocolate. Where did that come from?”

He smirks. “Do you think you could smell chocolate from the kitchen to the bedroom?”

My hand goes to my face, and I feel the chocolate smeared there.

“What do you call this dish, Chef Ray?”

“It’s called, Chocolate Delight, but the main ingredient is one of a kind.”

“I think we need to start working on Chocolate Double Delight. Get those clothes off.”

Writing for #WickedWednesday. See what other stories you like by clicking HERE. 

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