May 30


Had he left me hanging? Impatiently, I sat at the game table wearing nothing but my lacy thong and open-toe heels, waiting for him to come back and make his move. Which one? I chuckled at my pun. His chess moves or his move on me. He taunted me with his gorgeous ass which I loved to bite, lick, and kiss. I had seen a lot of it since he kept leaving the room.

This man liked games, especially games with strategy. Did he do this to see if I would take care of the lustful urges? I would, take care of myself, even if I got punished.

“Here is my latest story,” he said. “What do you think?” I looked up from the board as he read.

“Anthony’s cock came to life under her feet. To say he was a foot man was an understatement, that part of her anatomy was delectable.”

He watched my chess move over the book. “Poor strategy. Play more precisely.”

“How do you expect me to concentrate on playing when you keep reading your kink to me?” Why did I get the feeling he was playing two strategy games?

He continued reading. “Using her big toe, Marina drew a line from the tip of his erection to the root. Her lovely foot was on him. He wanted to feel her skin on him. She jiggled his balls and then nestled all five toes there rubbing, gently. He craved to taste her toes, lick in between them, and suck each one like she sucked his cock. He fantasized about his cock in her mouth while her foot was in his.”

Standing abruptly, he turned the book over to mark his page, and left the room, again. He loved to read his stories aloud and gauge my response. Today, his own reaction overpowered him and I was pleased that my author heated up. He hadn’t admitted it, yet, but I knewHe wanted my feet. I’ll give him a move he’s not expecting.

I slipped off both shoes. As I glided my hand in my panties, the amount of wetness surprised me. Visualizing his hard cock and edgy desire drove my hand on. I circled my clit, and dipped inside and clamped against my fingers. This was steamy. Would he wonder what I was doing? If he combined that idea with his story would it make him crazy? My hand was sopping with my own sexual lubrication. Before I had the chance to finish myself off, I heard his footsteps in the hall. Panting, I propped my foot on the table edge and I smeared my juices on my toes. What will he do about this?

He walked into the room and raised an eyebrow when he spied my foot by the edge of the chess board.

“Changing the game, are we?”

“I got a cramp in my foot and I took off my shoe to rub it. Can you check it?”

He placed his drink beside the book and walked to the corner of the table.

“Where did it hurt?”

“I’m not sure, maybe in my arch. Could you rub it?” I hoped this was enough of an invitation to get him closer. He leaned over to look and I waited for the recognition. His nostrils flared and he observed my face. I smiled and wiggled my toes.

“Been studying strategy, have you?”

“Maybe. I seem to have a proficient teacher.”

As if my foot was a fresh flower bouquet, he inhaled the fragrance. He dropped to his knees and cradled my foot with both his hands. I glanced to his pants and the bulge confirmed my suspicions.

“Put your hand back where it belongs and show me how you did this.”

“Did what?”

“You are going to be coy, now? Your toes are covered in pussy juice and I want to see how you went about it.”

His words stirred my aching pelvis. Enjoying his intense gaze, I pushed my hand between my legs and searched out my clit. As I started making circles, his talented thumbs dug into my arch. My breathing hitched.  His thumbs followed my hand pattern. When he leaned down and tongued my big toe, I shivered in the chair, like an electric current ran through me. His hot tongue licked up the pad of my toe and his stare penetrated every part of my being.

“You taste like fine wine.” His full lips encased my toe, sucking and licking.  When he introduced his tongue in between my toes, I levitated out of the chair, awestruck. With his tongue attached to my toes, there seemed to be a direct link to my nipples and clit. He created a circuit and I surged.

“I bet you are wet now, let me see.”

I pulled my hand out of my panties, drenched again and wiped across my toes as he moved forward smelling me. I raked my fingers over his lips. His teeth nipped me and caught my finger holding it in place while his tongue worked it over. On the verge of an orgasm, I gasped.

“I’m getting you off now.”

“Yes, yes.”

My hand found the perfect groove between my lips and clit and stroked. He continued his artistic tongue moves. When he sucked me, I edged closer to orgasm. He took all of my toes in his mouth and I imploded. It was as if my clit was my foot and my foot was my clit. Sensations wracked through my body and my spasms and jerks bumped the table reminding me of my situation.

Relaxing into the warm body sensations of post orgasmic glow, he lightened his touch. My foot was so sensitive, like my clit after orgasm. He kissed my big toe and sat in his chair.

He looked back to the chess board and picked up his piece. Poised to place it on the board, I knew his next words. Under the table, I moved my other foot and placed it on his massive erection.


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