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Apr 03

Tending the Home Fire

This story is a serial and started with The Calendar Man. This is episode five of the firefighter’s adventure with his yoga-mat mate. Sometimes I hated my firefighter job when it interfered with my sex life. Tonight, it sure did. I was ready to negotiate with Macy, so I could partake of her kinky hotness, …

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Mar 27

Heading into the Fire

This story began with The Calendar Man. This is episode four of the firefighter’s adventure with his yoga-mat mate. Todd and I were about to negotiate what we would do next when his fire call alarm surprised us. I thought he had the weekend off. Todd grunted, rolled off the bed and called the station …

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Jan 02

The Calendar Man

My phone buzzed in my hand. Tricia. “Hey, Macy. Are you in the yoga studio?” “I’m just leaving. Why?” “Stop and look at the bulletin board.” “I’m already in the car. What is it?” “There’s a fundraiser tonight for the domestic abuse shelter. You have to go with me.” “C’mon sis, you always drag me …

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Nov 15

My Legitimate Seat at the Erotica Table

“Hi. My name is Dr. J. I am an erotica writer.” Your turn. As an experiment, insert your name and make that statement to someone. Did you hesitate? What was your body response? What was their body response? What did the person say to you? If your experience was like mine, you received an instant …

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Nov 04

A Dirty Martini and Other Naughty Things

This ninth story finishes out the current Beth, Rafe, and Mara adventure, but it’s not the end. Go see what happens. If you want to start at the beginning, click here. Because of our long grueling workweek, Beth and I had not talked about her sexual adventure with Mara. I had not yet shared the …

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Sep 05

Be Jeweled

This is the sixth episode of Beth, Mara, and Rafe. This serial that begins with When the Sheets Talk. I cherished the words that Mara had left me in the note. I can’t get enough of you. You radiate sex and then embody it. Divine. I enjoyed sharing you with Rafe. Let’s you and I …

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