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Aug 05

Get What You Need

I’m humming the Rolling Stones tonight. You know the song-You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Let me focus on the next line. “But if you try sometimes, well you might find you get what you need.” I guess I needed change as a theme in my life. Some of you may know I have …

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Mar 06

At the Knee of a Poet ~ Writing Lessons ~

A NON FICTION Selection On Writing. Today, I was unsettled. I walked to clear my head and focus on a new story idea. I didn’t know it was a “walking meditation” until my aunt arrived at my side. I could have been traipsing down the grassy path to the pond of my youth, or the …

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May 20

Comments to Adrea Kore

As a beginning erotic writer, I am making exciting connections with others in the genre. These authors are wonderfully supportive, kind, and helpful. One of my favorite new writing friends hails from Australia, Adrea Kore. From the other side of my world, her lyrical style and use of metaphor intrigue and move me. I told …

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May 04

Milestones Measured by a Semester

Two years from my human sexuality college classroom, I watched Facebook announcements of at least ten more of my students graduating.  While I am proud and happy, it saddened me to realize the rhythm of college semesters is fading for me. It didn’t escape me that I wrote this prompt about milestones, couched within a …

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Apr 19

From Sex Therapist to Erotic Writer: How & Why

Throughout my career, people have asked how I became the sexuality educator and sex therapist, Dr. J. Most people who asked the HOW question, presented it in a naturally curious context, especially if they knew I grew up “in the deep south.” While the how question has dogged me throughout my career, my plan to …

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